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Workforce Development Programs in Crawford, Elk, Erie, Potter, and Warren Counties – We’re Listening

Workforce Development Programs in Crawford, Elk, Erie, Potter, and Warren Counties– We’re Listening

It all starts with listening. The Workforce Development Division of the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is committed to listening to the needs of area employers as we develop our programming in workforce and technical training. The inception of our Industrial Technology and Manufacturing Advisory Council–made up of more than 20 local business representatives–helps define NPRC’s efforts to serve the region with meaningful learning opportunities. At their first meeting in June 2018, council members identified training areas that the college should treat as a priority. Thanks to NPRC’s interactive video technology platform, Starleaf, we were able to broadcast the meeting in Crawford, Elk, Erie, Potter, and Warren Counties.

Providing New Industrial Technology & Manufacturing Workforce Development Training Classes for NPRC Students

Some of the areas of opportunity identified by council members were quality control, programmable logic control, precision machining, inspection and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and computerized numerical control programming and operation. Their recommendations were immediately acted on as industrial technology and manufacturing classes were selected by NPRC through a Penn College Collaboration. The Workforce Development programs for the Fall 2018 term include:

• Problem Solving for Business (Quality Control)
• Programmable Logic Controls
• Blueprint Reading (Precision Machining)
• Industrial Motors (Industrial Electricity)

NPRC’s Workforce Development Division Works with B2B Companies to Design Effective Training Courses

Any effort to address workforce and staffing issues (such as those encountered at restaurants) is more robust if it is driven by employers. Solutions will be more effective through conversations that define an employer’s needs and has them play a leading role in designing training programs for their business. This synergistic approach allows both, the education provider and employer, to work together in carrying out a plan to directly address identified needs. The staff at NPRC are ready to work with any employers to help them identify training needs, design a program, and deliver training.

As renowned Canadian politician, Audrey McLaughlin, said, “When you listen, it’s amazing what you can learn. When you act on what you’ve learned, it’s amazing what you can change.” That statement describes the process the Workforce Development Division intends to use in working with the region’s business and industry.

We’re ready to listen, learn, act, and change.

Why NPRC’s Workforce Development Training Programs are effective for B2B Companies

Workforce Development training instruction is delivered via live interactive video technology where multiple classrooms across the region share the same virtual space while allowing for discussion and interaction through the course content. These training courses are currently offered between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at five area locations: Community Education Center of Elk and Cameron Counties – St. Marys, Elk County; Meadville Public Library – Meadville, Crawford County; NPRC- Palumbo Academic Center – Erie, Erie County; Potter County Education Council – Coudersport, Potter County; Warren Forest Higher Education Council – Warren, Warren County. Visit our Workforce Development page for additional details on cost, dates of classes, and registration.