Staff Development & Performance Solutions

Training is an investment and you should see a return on that investment. When it comes to training to resolve company needs, we subscribe to the “right training, for the right people, for the right reason.” We will customize our courses to address specific needs you are facing, assigning instructors whose experience aligns with your industry, and schedule classes at your convenience.

Start by contacting out Workforce Development Department to discuss your business needs. A Workforce Development Specialist will work with you through the entire training development and delivery process. 

Our Steps to Designing & Delivering the Right Customized Training to Your Team

  1. Conduct a Needs Analysis
    • Review company challenges
    • Identify performance areas in need of training opportunities
  2. Explore Various Training Options
    • Choose from our list of courses, or
    • Create a customized course that addresses your specific challenge, or
    • Mix and match courses to quickly fulfill your needs and goals
  3. Design a Delivery Model
    • Decide where courses will be delivered – at your location or an off-site location
    • More than one site? NPRC can deliver instruction to remote sites through our interactive instructional system
    • Identify the shifts and schedules that best fit your staffing and production patterns
  4. Evaluate the Impact Made
    • Measure program success with feedback from participants, management, and instructors – was delivery effective and did students gain knowledge and skills?
    • Follow-up on your specific challenge to assess the impact of the training – did productivity improve, costs go down, efficiencies go up?

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