Meet the Staff

Staff Directory

Benjamin Blood
Instructor of English
(814) 230-9010
Steve Carr
Student Success Specialist
(814) 584-0002
Maryanne Chaffee
Administrative Assistant to Erie Operations and Workforce Development
(814) 584-0066
Jennifer Cummings-Tutmaher
Director of Enrollment and Student Services
(814) 230-9010
Dr. Linda M. Fleming
Chief of Staff/Interim VP of Academic and Student Affairs
Jocelyn Hamilton Bash
Student Success Specialist
(814) 603-1229
Terry Hinton
Workforce Development Specialist
(814) 482-1634
Dr. Aldo Jackson
Executive Director of Erie Operations and Workforce Development
(814) 779-4096
Kelsey Kirkpatrick
Assistant to the VP for Academic and Student Affairs
(814) 230-9010
Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser
Instructor of Early Childhood Education
(814) 368-0860
Lori McNeal
(814) 230-9010
Jeanne Morley
Student Success Specialist
(814) 584-0003
Dr. Joseph T. Nairn
Founding President
Dannielle Nebinski
Assistant Director of Enrollment & Student Success
(814) 584-0001
Ann Nelson
Executive Assistant to the President/Liaison to the Board of Trustees
(814) 230-9010
Frank O’Connell
Instructor of Manufacturing Technology
(814) 331-1506
Lisa Pecora
Executive Assistant to the VP of Finance and Administration
(814) 598-3220
Abigail Petrosky
Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
(814) 230-9010
Ron Pollock
Instructor of Natural Sciences
Raymond Pring, Jr.
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Amy Rowe
Student Success Specialist
(814) 482-1617
Regina Russell
Information Systems Technician/Proctor Specialist
(814) 584-0067
Melinda Saunders
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
(814) 230-9010
Gary Sawtelle
Director of Information Technology
(814) 230-9010
Rick W. Smith, Sr.
Interim Vice President of Advancement and Engagement
Lori Swick
Financial Specialist
(814) 230-9010