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Strategic Plan

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is committed to serving the residents of our region and fulfilling our mission through our plan’s strategies and objectives.

Institutional Goals

  • Grow student enrollment
  • Foster student success and completion
  • Provide relevant, high-quality programming
  • Create a sound financial system that maintains long term operational funding, promotes sustainability, and maintains resources
  • Garner strong name recognition throughout the service area, state, and nationally to increase understanding about what NPRC is and what it offers

To review NPRC’s complete strategic plan, please follow the link below.

Outcome Assessment

The key performance indicators (KPI) that are assessed and measured in alignment with the strategic plan may be found below.

KPI Definitions and Responsibility 2020-2021 KPI Data – Academic Year 2020-2021

KPI Definitions and Responsibility 2022-2025 KPI Data – Academic Year 2021-2022