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Understanding a Net Price Estimate

Planning for your financial investment in education is important. The Net Price Calculator is a resource for first-year students who plan to attend college as a full-time undergraduate student. In understanding this resource, it’s important to keep in mind that the Net Price Calculator considers an overall cost of attendance. This includes indirect expenses not charged by colleges. The tool considers your family’s financial resources and estimated financial aid awards to help you better plan for the possible out-of-pocket expenses that may result from attending NPRC.


As NPRC moves forward through the accreditation process, NPRC will submit its application for eligibility to award Title IV Federal Aid and Pennsylvania State Aid funding to federal and state agencies. In the interim, the current Net Price Calculator relies upon institutional aid awards that are offered to degree-seeking students. When you are ready to enroll, be sure to talk to your Student Engagement Specialist or email the financial aid office at for information on how to apply for financial assistance at NPRC.