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Are you ready to talk to a Student Advisor?

Are you ready to talk to a Student Advisor?


By offering institutional aid and accepting local scholarships, NPRC is committed to making our degrees affordable to anyone with the drive to apply. We also offer a variety of payment programs for all students, regardless of their financial circumstances – because if you’re going to invest in education, we want you to be able to succeed in all aspects.


NPRC continues to excel in offering accessible education through distance learning capabilities in classrooms throughout the nine counties we serve. And like community colleges, we are an open-enrollment college requiring no tests or entrance exams. All you need to register for classes is a high school diploma or the equivalent.


Many of these NPRC’s classes are located in high schools, college campuses, libraries, and technical centers, giving our students a classroom experience close to home without the need to relocate. We partner with these facilities to deliver class instruction at multiple sites across the region via live interactive video technology. In short, we make post-secondary education convenient for everyone!

About NPRC

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College does not operate as a traditional campus-based college, nor are we an online college. In order to offer a convenient and affordable college experience for our students, community locations are utilized to deliver class instruction at multiple sites across the region and brought together via live interactive technology. NPRC offers dual enrollment, associate degrees, and workforce development courses.

Learn more about NPRC and how we can help you achieve your goals!

Student Success Stories

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I have taken courses with NPRC for a year and I have been so pleased with the curriculum and affordability of the program. I have had amazing support in pursuing my educational goals, both financially and academically. I believe that with NPRC’s accessibility, it’s the driving tool for bringing new people into the community and helping the surrounding counties grow from within thanks to its great, inclusive environment right next door.

Samanta, Degree Student

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As a high school student, I was not motivated at all. Once I enrolled at NPRC my SSS really helped motivate me and help me find my path. The combination of a live classroom setting while integrating technology gives a great learning atmosphere for students to prosper. After I finish this term, I am planning to transfer to the Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue my bachelor’s degree and participate in the ROTC program. I will always be grateful for my college experience through NPRC.

Ally P., Degree Student

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NPRC is great because it is so easy to develop relationships with your teachers and fellow students. I’ve tried online classes before, but because they are so impersonal, I ended up not completing the program. The face-to-face format is extremely helpful in learning! No matter what age you are, you fit right in. Be proud of yourself that you are furthering your education and take advantage of all the people at NPRC who want to help you succeed.

Katie S., Non-Degree Student

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Having evening classes allowed me to work full time and start my career, then advance within the company after completing my degree. I was able to gain experience while earning my degree, which is great. I really loved the Interactive Television (ITV). The ability to have a traditional classroom experience without having to travel is an amazing thing, especially for our area! This program changed my life. It allowed me to earn a degree while still maintaining my obligations at home. I am so very thankful for this opportunity and I really hope it continues to grow.

Tesla, Degree Student

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My daughter Mckenna will be transferring to Edinboro University in the fall. She has also been accepted into the ROTC program with a scholarship. Her transfer was made possible and initiated by the opportunities that were offered to her because of your program. Her original plan was to transfer after completing two years, but because of the successes she achieved with Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, this opportunity came her way. Her participation in your program has been successful and rewarding. We will continue to recommend your institution to aspiring students.

Bill, Parent

Find Your Niche

Eligible high school juniors and seniors can take dual enrollment classes at NPRC.

High School Students

Get a jump-start on your college education! Eligible high school juniors and seniors can take dual enrollment classes at Northern Pennsylvania Regional College to earn college credits. NPRC classes can be taken outside of normal school hours right in your community and credits are transferable to most colleges and universities. Contact a Student Success Specialist today to learn more about earning college credits in high school.

Adult Learners welcome at NPRC

Adult Learners

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College can provide you with the education you need to move your life in the direction you want. Whether you have some or no college credits, maintain certificates of training, are making a career change, or seeking another degree, there are options for you here. NPRC will work with you to determine what course work is necessary for you to achieve your goals. Contact us today to connect with a Student Success Specialist who can help you develop an education plan!

Business Owners & Employees are encouraged to use NPRC's programs to enhance their businesses.

Business Owners & Employees

Investing in your employees creates positive morale, loyalty, and a great working environment. This can translate to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Partner with NPRC to create employee education plans that provide your current employees with options to further their education and directly benefit your company. Contact us to find out more about how to structure programs for your employees.

Affordable College Education for Everyone

By not owning expensive facilities, Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is capable of offering an affordable college experience for individuals, families, and businesses across the region. NPRC partners with local facilities such as community education councils, career and technical centers, libraries, schools, and businesses to be able to devote more resources to your education.

Through NPRC, students can enjoy a live classroom atmosphere at an affordable price. Contact a Student Success Specialist today for more information regarding Admissions and Enrollment.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! As an open enrollment institution, all you need is proof of high school graduation, your high school transcript, GED, or other credential that shows you have completed high school or the equivalent. Application and registration at NPRC is facilitated by a Student Success Specialist who will help you develop an academic plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Convenient Community Locations

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College uses existing community facilities across the nine Pennsylvania counties we serve to make attendance convenient for our students. Classes are offered within 30 minutes of most learners. This eliminates the need for our students to leave their communities and travel to traditional Pennsylvania college campuses for class instruction.