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Criminal Justice

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Program Description

This program is for the person driven by the desire to help people, serve the community for the greater good, and maintain safety. It provides students with foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities for increased marketability for entry-level jobs in some criminal justice-related occupations. Students seeking transfer into four-year programs should select courses which fulfill requirements within their planned field of study.

Major coursework involves studying corrections, criminology, policing, investigations, criminal procedure, criminal law, and Criminal Justice ethics for students to be able to describe the structures within and functions of the American Criminal Justice systems including policing, corrections, and law across local, state, and federal levels.

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What You'll Learn

Criminal Justice

In interactive class sessions, students may be involved in learning experiences that include:

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Debate of contemporary cases and incidents in the news through a lens of social justice, police ethics, and use of force.

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Review of case studies and video scenarios to follow the progression of illegal activity from the committing of a crime, through investigation, filing a search warrant, filing criminal charges, and presenting a case in court.

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Attaining industry-recognized credentials in practical and tactical handcuffing; oleoresin capsicum aerosol (pepper spray) training; expandable, tactical baton use; and utilization of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

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Demonstrating specialized skills in: cybercrime, business technology, professional communication and protective services including emergency medicine, firefighting, municipal policing, and private security.*

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Participating in a field experience with a specific criminal justice system agency within the student’s community.*

*Based on a student’s selected specialization within the degree program.

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Career Outlook in Criminal Justice

Career opportunities include entry-level positions in public safety, such as dispatch or 911 operator, correctional officer, security officer, or fraud investigator.

Degree completion contributes to a student’s eligibility for a baccalaureate degree program, providing a pathway to careers such as state trooper, local police officer, legal services or federal agent.

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Criminal Justice FAQ's

See What Our Students Have to Say

Group 35

Growing up in rural Potter County, Pennsylvania meant if I wanted good educational and employment opportunities, I would have to move. When NPRC started offering classes less than 30 minutes from my home (almost an hour closer than the next closest college), my future was no longer dependent on living in a more urban area. I received a quality education without spending the tens of thousands of dollars on room and board a traditional school would have required. And now, I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the team making this story possible for so many other people in rural Pennsylvania. NPRC’s mission is a necessary one, helping serve a part of the population that has lacked affordable and quality higher education for decades. This school helped me avoid debt, find my path in life, and now, I have a job I love and opportunities I never expected.

- Brian, NPRC Graduate

While attending NPRC, I am enrolled in 16 credits and working toward a degree in business administration. This switch is already positively benefitting me as a student. I have been keeping up with classes and shifting out of bad habits that may hinder my success. As someone who is diagnosed with anxiety and ADHD, it sometimes gets hard to effectively communicate. However, NPRC continues to provide opportunities to not only challenge myself, but to help me grow as a student, and more importantly, as a person. NPRC was my second chance. My second chance to help me build myself better, and I feel like my future is already better than what it was before NPRC.

-Noah, Business Administration Student

My time at Northern Pennsylvania Regional College has been a great experience even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Never did I imagine doing a year of college in my own home and still be able to be on the Dean’s List and be extremely proud. I am 39 years of age, and it has taken me this long to attempt college. I have to say that starting college at this age was hard. However, everyone at NPRC has made it easy for me to understand what it means to be studious. You can feel the care that is given to you through the staff at NPRC. The instructors are always willing to help and they will always answer the questions that we have. This college is a great way to get started on your new path through life. There are so many options to pick from if you are undecided.

-Claudia, NPRC Graduate

I started with NPRC right after graduating high school in 2018. I was not sure what I wanted to do career-wise, but the criminal justice field had always piqued my interest. Before finishing my two-year degree with NPRC, I decided to transfer to a four-year university to further my education in both sociology and criminal justice. Without the affordability of NPRC and their knowledgeable staff, I would never have dreamed of being where I am today. I will be graduating from RIT in August of 2022 having majored in Sociology and Criminal Justice, as well as having minored in Criminal Justice. I am excited to start a career in the federal Criminal Justice system or within admissions/counseling in higher education. I plan to put myself through law school while working full time after graduating from RIT.

-Ally, Former NPRC Student

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