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Great Progress Towards Accreditation for Affordable Regional College

March 13, 2020 8:59 am

Progress toward accreditation

In 2012, the legislature granted authority to the education contortions of the upper Alleghany to start a pilot project. What began as the 2012 Education Consortium of the Upper Allegheny became the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) in 2019. They then partnered with Gannon University, politicians, educators, and community leaders in Erie, PA to ensure that Erie, PA was a part of NPRC’s footprint. They were successful in this and when the legislation was passed, Erie became one of the nine counties served by the regional college.

NPRC Delivers Associate Degrees to Erie, Warren, Venango, & Six Other Northern PA Counties

In 2017, the college was granted “College” status by the commonwealth. In 2019, NPRC was granted the authority to deliver associate degrees through the state. Those Associate degrees include:

Moving Forward into Full Regional Accreditation

Currently, NPRC is not yet regionally accredited. However, we have begun the process of becoming so. With this complex process, NPRC Believes to be a regionally accredited institution with in the next several years. We are working diligently to expedite this process and make it as brief as possible for our students. As of now, NPRC has finished their pre-candidacy application, and we are now pursuing candidacy with our regional accreditor. We expect it to take about a year to complete. Once that is complete, according to federal laws, we have no more than 5 years to achieve full accreditation.