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Business Administration Associate Degree

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science in Business Administration provides groundwork upon which a student may build a four-year degree in various business-related majors. The program establishes foundational business knowledge, skills, and abilities for increased marketability applicable to a variety of business-related occupations. The general education component of the program focuses on course goals that include highly sought-after skills in communication, reasoning, respect for diversity, and professionalism. Students should select courses which fulfill requirements within their planned four-year field of study.

An Affordable Business Administration Degree in Pa.

General Education Goals

In alignment with the general education goals of the college and upon successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Communicate accurately and appropriately using verbal and written language to explain, discuss, and facilitate the exchange of relevant knowledge using information technology, critical thinking, and information literacy.
  • Demonstrate reasoning through a range of approaches for analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving that includes fluent and accurate use of computational methods and mathematical approaches to solve problems and analyze data, application of scientific approaches to explain physical phenomena, and expression of informed opinions about artistic or philosophical works.
  • Explore and analyze respect for diversity through exposure to differing ideas, opinions, experiences, and worldviews.
  • Exhibit professionalism through adherence to principles of ethical behavior and organizational codes of conduct while assuming responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

Business Administration Program Goals

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Use digital technology, business application software, and technology-mediated collaboration tools to complete tasks;
  • Develop foundational knowledge of a variety of business models and apply business model appropriately in decision-making situations;
  • Perform effectively in a team environment by applying business theories, concepts, and practices with sensitivity to diversity; and
  • Apply ethical reasoning to business situations through the demonstration of knowledge pertaining to how business behavior and policies impact society or the individual.

What can I do with a Business Administration degree in Pa?

A business administration associate degree prepares students for transfer into a baccalaureate program in a variety of business-related majors. In addition, a business administration degree in PA qualifies graduates for basic management and administrative roles in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. Graduates also find employment in supervisory roles in the service or retail industries, while others work as project assistants or technology-oriented support specialists.

23-24 Program Requirements