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Affordable Workforce Development Programs in Northern PA

March 13, 2020 9:03 am

Most needed workforce training


About NPRC’s Affordable Training & Workforce Development Programs

To combat the state unemployment rate, many of the communities served by the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College have noted a need for additional workforce development training statewide, and fortunately, they’re not the only ones to notice.

“That’s why when the college was founded, [workforce development training] was one of the things we made sure was a part of what we offered,” says Rick W. Smith, Interim Vice President of NPRC.

This means that in addition to affordable college courses and many of their popular two-year associate degrees, including associate degrees in business and communication, the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College offers equally affordable workforce development certificate programs for new or displaced adult workers. There’s never been a better time to seek out job placement in Pennsylvania; NPRC knows what kind of work is in high demand because they take input from various advisory committees throughout the communities, as well as area businesses, before developing customized programs to meet the workforce training needs of all nine counties served in Northern Pennsylvania. By communicating with these various industries, the workforce development specialists at NPRC can work on personalized programs catered to both specific companies and specific positions within those companies.

“One of the things about our workforce development training is that it’s always growing,” continues Smith. We’re always looking for additional programs that we can offer.”

Types of Workforce Development Programs at NPRC

NPRC’s Workforce Development programs span a wide variety of industries that are in high demand for job placement. The current list of available programs includes:

  • Child Development Associate Credentials
  • Commercial Truck Driver License (CDL) training
  • Communication Linework training
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Healthcare Basics
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Powder Metal

Additionally, NPRC offers a Customized Training program in which our workforce development specialists will create a training course for the roles required by your company or business. To contact one of NPRC’s workforce development specialists or enroll yourself or your team in one of these specialized programs, visit our Workforce Development page or contact us using the button below.