6 Tips for Transfer Students: Transfer Credits, Scholarships, and More

6 Tips for Transfer Students NPRC

6 Tips for Transfer Students

We are thrilled that you have decided to check us out and have begun to strive for the goal of earning a college degree from an affordable and truly accessible institution like NPRC! We are sure you are wondering what the next steps are to ensure that the work you have already done at your previous institution counts. Good news, here are six helpful tips for you!

Tip 1: Meet with a Student Engagement Specialist (SES)

Once you accepted admission at NPRC, we will match you with a Student Engagement Specialist. They will help you with deciding on coursework, registering, guiding you through the institutional aid process, and addressing all other questions or concerns you may have. Setting up a meeting with a Student Engagement Specialist early in your enrollment process is a fantastic way to ensure you receive the information and resources to make a smooth transition from your previous school.

Tip 2: Transferring Credits

If you have attended another college or university and completed less than 45 credits, talk with your Student Engagement Specialist about whether transferring your credits is right for you! To be considered for transfer credits students must have obtained a grade of C or higher in the course and the course and learning objectives must align with the corresponding course offered at NPRC.

If transferring credits becomes the next step toward achieving your goals, your SES will support you through a transcript evaluation requested through the Office of the Registrar. Official transcripts must be submitted to NPRC directly from each college or university attended to have an official evaluation and transfer of credits. Upon receiving confirmation of any transfer credits, your SES can help you map out the courses needed to complete your degree and achieve your goals!

Tip 3: Explore your Enrollment Options

Your Student Engagement Specialist will listen to your goals and help you navigate through the enrollment process based on what works best for you. We recognize that many of our students work, take care of families, and have other life responsibilities on top of being a student. At NPRC, students have the option of attending full-time by taking 12 credits or more, or part-time by taking less than 12 credits. We know that there are a lot of job opportunities in the world and nailing down the specific degree you want can be a big decision to make. If you are someone who’s not sure what degree you want to complete, our student services team will support you in your exploration.

Tip 4: Check Out NPRC’s Webpage and Resources

There is a solid chance your journey to NPRC began here, but a second look can help lead students to the additional information that is needed. Information about NPRC’s model, financial aid, steps for admission, and registering for classes can be found on our website. There is an overview of all the associate degrees offered in addition to non-degree courses in workforce development. Students can also explore the different location options and find access to the online bookstore.

Another one of these recourses is a copy of the college catalog, a useful tool containing information on each degree offering. The catalog helps to sort what classes you will need to complete for your degree of choice, the period in which you can achieve it, course descriptions, and the terms in which each course is offered. The catalog can help you plan a successful experience at NPRC.

Tip 5: Apply for Scholarships and Institutional Aid

Scholarships are key in helping make a college education at NPRC even more affordable. Unlike a loan, a scholarship provides money that students do not have to pay back. NPRC has compiled a list of local, state, regional, and national resources to help assist future students in finding alternative ways to make higher education more affordable.

NPRC also provides institutional aid for eligible students through an online application. Each academic year, students at NPRC are eligible to apply for aid. New and returning students are encouraged to apply for institutional aid prior to the priority deadline to have aid applied to their student account shortly after enrolling in classes for that term.

Step 6: Trust the Process!

College is hard and can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when you are transferring from another institution. What makes NPRC different is that you are NOT alone here. Your SES will guide you every step of the way. So, if you are feeling discouraged ask for help; we will be there to advise!

NPRC’s entire staff and faculty are here because they are passionate about helping students like you succeed. Remember WHY you are going to school in the first place. An education from NPRC can open many doors for your career and personal life in the community!

Are you ready to talk to a member of our team? Request more information or apply today!