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Institutional Aid

NPRC is working diligently toward institutional accreditation. Accreditation will allow enrolled, eligible students to receive federal and state financial aid for their approved coursework in a degree granting program. Currently we offer our students institutional aid to help with their educational expenses at NPRC.

Please read the following instructions carefully before using the link below to apply.

To avoid delays in processing your application it is important that you choose the correct academic year and provide the required tax year information for that application. You only need to submit one application for an academic year, but you must reapply each academic year. An academic year at NPRC starts late August with the second semester starting in January and summer being the final term.

Fall 2021 New and Returning students: The priority date for fall is Friday, July 30. Choose Academic Year 2021-22 when applying. This application uses 2019 tax information.

Institutional Aid applications received by the priority date will be processed in time for the start of classes and will be applied to your account within 7-10 days after you enroll for classes. Final awards will be dependent on satisfactory academic progress and your level of enrollment at the end of the schedule adjustment period. If you have questions regarding the status of your institutional aid, contact the financial aid office at or call 814-230-9010 and ask for the financial aid office.

What if you miss the priority date? You can still apply! Applications received after the priority date will be considered on a first come, first served basis as funding allows. Every effort will be made to process late applications in a timely manner; however, processing of late applications is not guaranteed by the start of classes. Late applicants should be prepared to cover the cost of books and make payment arrangements with the Business Office if aid is not processed by your billing due date and available for purchasing books.