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Institutional Aid

NPRC is working diligently toward institutional accreditation. Accreditation will allow enrolled, eligible students to receive federal and state financial aid for their approved coursework in a degree granting program. Currently we offer our students institutional aid to help with their educational expenses at NPRC. 

After applying for local, regional, or state scholarships, all students are encouraged to apply for NPRC institutional aid using the online application found in the My NPRC Student Portal. Institutional aid is awarded to degree-seeking students based on financial need. Awards are granted for tuition at four levels based upon identified need: 100% funding, 75% funding, 50% funding, and 25% funding. A textbook and course materials voucher may be awarded at a level in alignment with institutional aid received. 

Please read the following instructions carefully before applying through your My NPRC Student Portal.

Institutional Aid applications only need to be submitted once per academic year. If you are a current student and have already applied for and received an institutional aid award notification, please do not reapply for Summer 2022 institutional aid. Institutional aid will be applied to your account as pending aid after you enroll for classes. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for institutional aid. If you are a new student or have not applied for Institutional Aid for this academic year, continue reading. 

Fall 2022 – New and returning students: This is the beginning of a new academic year and requires all new and returning students to apply for institutional aid. The Institutional Aid Application is available by logging into your My NPRC Student Portal and clicking on the “Financials” tab. The priority date to apply for aid for Fall 2022 is Friday, July 29, 2022. Applications received after July 29 will be considered on a first come, first served basis as funding allows.  

Every effort will be made to process late applications in a timely manner, but the processing of late applications is not guaranteed by the start of classes, while being subject to availability of funds. Late applicants should be prepared to have money for books and set up a payment plan with the Business Office. Institutional aid applications will not be accepted following the conclusion of the schedule adjustment period.  

Note: You will be asked to provide a signed copy of your 2020 tax return and W2(s) to be eligible for consideration for institutional aid. If you are a dependent student, you will need to provide signed copies of your parent tax return and W2(s). If submission of a 2020 tax return was not required, complete the appropriate NPRC Nontax Filer form for students or parents. You will also need to complete the NPRC Institutional Aid Signature Page. This is required for the student (and parent if dependent) to certify that the information provided on the institutional aid application is true and completed to the best of your knowledge.

Check your NPRC email after submitting your application for instructions to view your My NPRC Student Portal for missing documents. The email will clarify specific documentation needed per student dependency status. Documents must be uploaded through the Financials tab in our My NPRC Student Portal. 

If you have questions, email the Financial Aid office at