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NPRC Celebrates Remake Learning Days for 2nd Straight Year

May 10, 2022 8:59 am

Remake Learning Days NPRC Students 2021

Remake Learning Days returns to NPRC and the northwestern Pennsylvania region for the second consecutive year this week. For those unfamiliar with Remake Learning Days, it is a month-long celebration when a collection of organizations like higher education institutions, museums, libraries, after school groups, non-profits, and start-up companies come together to support local youth and families with hands-on, innovative activities centered around growth and learning experiences.  
For the northwestern Pennsylvania region, Remake Learning Days will take place from May 12 – May 23, with NPRC hosting two virtual/hybrid events that will help to bring families together as well as help instructors find clarity in how to help students become better writers in their courses and future careers. 
The first event is a Create a Customized Bird Feeder activity that will allow families to collaborate on how they can use recycled materials to design a feeder for their residence. There are many considerations for the feeder, including what materials should be used, how the feeder should be created, where the feeder will be located, what type of birds you hope to attract, and if the feeder will need to be “squirrel-proof” or “bear proof” to keep pests away.  
After completion, participants can email pictures of their feeders as well as photos of birds visiting their feeders to NPRC to be shared our social media! Throughout the celebration, participants will be able to pick up complimentary bird seed at the NPRC Warren office from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., from May 12 – May 23. 
While the first activity we hope will bring families and communities together, our second event is centered around helping higher education instructors in their quest to guide students towards becoming better writers in their courses today, and in their future careers. The writing expectations certainly increase in the transition from high school to college, so tips for those leading the classroom can help bridge the gap and lead to students finding better success as writers. 
This recorded session will allow viewers to learn methods and discover resources to help instructors transfer students’ composition writing skills to a collection of different subject areas, while also helping them to define and communicate more clearly to students the writing expectations for the course or a specific assignment. 
This session, titled Writing Across the Curriculum, was led by NPRC’s Director of Arts and Sciences and English Instructor, Mr. Benjamin Blood. One of NPRC’s leaders for Remake Learning Days, Blood is hopeful this session will help students and instructors to work side-by-side to improve their composition. 
“The expectations for college writing are different than those for high school,” Blood said. “Students often struggle with this transition, and instructors often struggle with how to help students meet the expectations for writing in their course or discipline.”  
NPRC Instructor of Natural Sciences, Ron Pollock, also offered his thoughts on how Remake Learning Days can help bring instruction and learning outside of a classroom setting. 
I think that Remake Learning Days are a great way to introduce kids to the idea that learning can take place anywhere, and in many different ways than they may expect. It does not have to happen in the confines of a classroom or an 8AM-3PM schedule; it can also be creative, exciting, and unexpected. This is the best way to learn, and it has always been the way that I have most enjoyed learning myself.” 
For more information about NPRC’s role in Remake Learning Days 2022, visit here!