Why Choose NPRC? Affordable, Accessible, and Flexible Degrees

Why Choose NPRC? Affordable, Accessible, & Flexible Degrees

Working to write the next educational chapter of your life is a significant decision. From personal finances to learning preferences, there are many factors for aspiring and returning students to consider. To make the decision process more manageable (and hopefully enjoyable!), Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) identifies a number of reasons why our college could be right for you!

Reason 1: Affordability

It’s critical that students consider their personal finances when deciding which educational institution to attend. One of the many benefits of NPRC is its affordability. In fact, our tuition is up to 70 percent lower than traditional brick-and-mortar colleges, and we haven’t raised tuition since 2018. Many of our students complete full degrees for the price many pay per-year for attendance at a four-year institution.

The price of enrolling in higher education can be overwhelming. But with NPRC’s multiple payment options, institutional aid, assistance with the financial aid processes, and scholarship opportunities, you can feel secure in your decision to enroll.

Reason 2: Multiple Locations

NPRC understands students have a lot going on outside of school, and therefore many are committed to staying in their communities. Long commutes and moving away to a four-year university simply are not viable options for everyone.

For that reason, we bring educational opportunities to where our students are, eliminating long commute times and the need to move out of town. Many of our classroom locations are within 15 miles of our student’s homes, and with the wide variety of class times offered, we are able to accommodate most students’ schedules.

We also understand that COVID-19 is still a significant risk. Therefore, we follow CDC recommendations and make accommodations whenever students need them. For instance, at the height of the pandemic, we distributed hotspots and laptops to students to help ensure no student fell behind.

Reason 3: Accessibility and Flexibility

Many rural communities in Northern Pennsylvania lack access to affordable postsecondary instruction and training. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or an adult learner, NPRC has something to offer anyone interested in furthering their education. To ensure the highest standards of accessibility, NPRC provides:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Attend classes in the morning or outside of typical working hours (evening classes begin after 2:00 p.m.).
  • Open-Enrollment: No tests or entrance exams are necessary for enrollment.
  • Designed for All-Ages: Whether you’re a high school student seeking college credits or working professional planning to switch careers, NPRC is the place for you.
  • Individualized Support: Student Engagement Specialists will individualize your educational plan and align it with your career goals.
  • Inclusive Learning Environment: We’ve fostered a judgment-free learning environment with welcoming classes and compassionate staff.
  • Real-time Learning Capabilities: Find one of our 25 instructional locations that work best for you.

Reason 4: Career-Focused Curriculum and Options

NPRC has a suite of academic and workforce development options designed to help current and prospective students achieve their educational goals. We also collaborate with regional employers on our curriculum to ensure those who complete our programs have the skills to find a career within their local communities. Currently, NPRC offers:

NPRC has also partnered with College Central Network (CCN) to provide students and regional employers with a robust suite of career resources. All students have access to the CCN, helping past and current students make valuable connections with potential employers. Moreover, students gain beneficial insight into industries of interest. With CCN, students can also apply to career opportunities that match their skill set, credentials, and interests.

Reason 5: Student-Focused Approach

All instructors and staff at NPRC inspire and empower students to think differently, dream bigger, and strive for more. Experiencing a meeting with a Student Engagement Specialist or attending a class will help to demonstrate the enthusiasm our faculty and staff brings to NPRC each day. If you are looking for the inspiration to kickstart your thirst for knowledge and pave a new career path, NPRC’s instructors and staff provide it.

Reason 6: Small Class Sizes

Many traditional colleges have large class sizes. Some universities even have lecture halls that seat well over 1,000 students. At NPRC, we keep class sizes small. In fact, we have a student-to-faculty ratio of four to one, partly due to the advanced level of support from our Student Engagement Specialists.

Typically, students will not step into a classroom at one of our locations with more than 15 total students. By having small class sizes, students can receive individualized and consistent support from instructors throughout their journey at NPRC.

Reason 7: Building a Future and Discovering Passions

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests that more education leads to better prospects for earning and employment. Obtaining the degree or credentials needed to stand out in the workplace is now easier for residents of northern Pennsylvania with the affordability and accessibility of NPRC.

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is dedicated to making students feel empowered through educational achievement. Whether their end goal is a certificate or to move on a four-year institution, NPRC provides an affordable beginning into the discovery of students’ passion and potential.

Reason 8: Networking Opportunities

Our real-time learning model ensures that the classroom experiences of a traditional college are still available to all students. When students choose to attend NPRC, they have the opportunity to network with like-minded students, forge meaningful friendships, and better understand the dynamics of professional relationships. At NPRC, we encourage out students to share tips for success, study together, and talk about their experiences among one another. It is a great way to form lasting bonds that will carry over into students’ future careers.

Reason 9: Real-time Learning Capabilities

NPRC is not an online college, but our approach has distance learning elements to it. In order to deliver the best education possible to our students, we use a real-time learning model. Through leading-edge video technology, students experience live instruction in a classroom setting.

Our real-time learning model combines the classroom benefits of traditional brick-and-mortar institutions with the flexibility of online programming. Students meet at a central location in their home communities and receive instruction through leading-edge video technology, providing the added benefit of “classmates” in different classrooms across the region.

Reason 10: Serving Local Communities

Giving back to the region we serve is just as important to us at NPRC as it is to many of our students. Our communities are often invested in the success of those who live and work in their cities and towns. Their commitment to progress is not always met when opportunities aren’t immediately available. We meet students where they are to ensure the proper opportunities are available to stimulate growth and create economic development, develop a trained workforce, and create working opportunities that keep our people here or bring them back to the areas where they were born and raised.

Jumpstart Your Future!

At NPRC, we understand that knowledge is a lifelong pursuit. It’s why we custom-built our curriculums to accommodate a wide range of classroom preferences, learning styles, and educational interests. This open, adaptable model of higher education promotes civic engagement, local pride, and hope for local residents to achieve a bright future.

Wherever you are in your educational journey, NPRC is here to help. Contact our offices today to request more information on our various program offerings and locations. If you are ready to jumpstart your future, apply to NPRC today!