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NPRC Programs Included in the CWDS, Approved for Eligible Training Provider List        

What is the Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS)?

The Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) is an internet-based system of services to be used by job seekers and those in search of training opportunities through the PA CareerLink® offices. The CWDS provides online access to job openings, training opportunities, and labor market information. It is also the system of record used for all workforce data collection and reporting in Pennsylvania. All of these services are available by enrolling online with CWDS, or by stopping at your local CareerLink® Office to enroll.

The Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) offers several academic and workforce training programs approved by and meeting the standards of the CWDS. For more information regarding the programs detailed below, we encourage you to contact us today.

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Eligible Training Provider List of Approved Trainings

Each of the training programs listed on the CWDS website appears on a list referred to as the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). These training programs must support occupations that are on the statewide High Priority Occupation List (HPO). The goal of the HPO list is to maximize informed consumer choice when it comes to finding quality training within your region. All the trainings on the ETPL list must not only support high priority occupations, but be in demand by employers, have high skill needs, and be likely to provide family-sustaining wages.

The Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is an ETPL approved provider, meaning several of our academic and workforce development programs meet both the eligibility and performance measure requirements held by the CWDS. Our EPTL-approved programs train students in a variety of much-needed occupations in their region. NPRC’s ETPL-approved academic programs include Applied Technology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, and Social Sciences. Our approved workforce development programs include Emergency Medical Technician (EMT training), Commercial Driver’s License (CDL training), Child Development Associate (CDA classes), and mobile crane operator training.

The Northern Pennsylvania Regional College encourages you to visit your local CareerLink® office to learn more on how to take advantage of these approved trainings. 

About the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) & Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Workforce services for eligible adults are available through one of two programs authorized by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The goals of WIOA are to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, increase economic self-sufficiency, and meet the skill requirements of employers.

WIOA offers funding to those who are facing barriers to employment. These barriers include low income, those with a disability, single parents, veterans, English as a second language learners, seasonal farmworkers, homelessness, ex-offenders, long-term unemployed, youth who are aging out of foster care, and those having low levels of literacy.

Another funding option that is part of WIOA is the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for Dislocated Workers (referred to as TAA). This program assists workers who have been adversely affected by foreign trade. To be eligible, individuals must be experiencing a separation, threat of separation, or reduction in their wages as a result of imports or shifts of production to a foreign country. More information on how to apply for this program can be found by visiting your local CareerLink® or on

CDA Classes, EMT Training, & CDL Training in Pennsylvania

WIOA eligible individuals may receive funding towards ETPL-approved training programs including those offered by NPRC by working with their local Career Link. As an ETPL-approved provider, we offer a wide variety of approved programs in both academic and workforce training areas to respond to the need for identified high-priority occupations in the region. These specific associate degree and workforce development programs, including CDA classes, EMT training, and CDL training, are designed to help individuals gain applicable skills and training for high-priority occupations in their state and region. NPRC encourages you to visit PACareerLink and reach out to us today to learn more about enrolling in these programs.

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