What to Know About Getting Your CDL in Pennsylvania

NPRC CDL Pennsylvania

Getting your commercial drivers license (CDL) is a necessary step for careers that involve driving large commercial vehicles. NPRC’s Workforce Development Program provides non-credit training for both individuals and businesses within our nine-county service area, including three affordable and accessible paths to earning a CDL in Pennsylvania. These training programs are developed and customized to meet the needs of high-demand occupations and other industries in the region.

Many of NPRC’s workforce development programs are eligible for CareerLink funding through Pennsylvania’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) list. We encourage individuals who may be eligible for CareerLink funding to consult with their local CareerLink to determine their eligibility.

CDL Training Courses in Pennsylvania

As there are a variety of commercial vehicles for different industries, there are a few different options for CDL training. At NPRC, there are three types of CDL training courses that are offered.

The first type is the Class A CDL training program, which is a 4-week program that prepares students to land entry-level jobs as commercial truck drivers both over-the-road (OTR) and locally.

The second type is the Class A Tanker and Hazmat Program, which is a 5-week comprehensive training program designed to teach individuals the skills necessary to safely operate a commercial vehicle and acquire a Tanker and Hazmat endorsement. This endorsement gives drivers the ability to transport flammable and hazardous materials in a tanker truck within a specific state or on a specific route.

The last type of training course offered is the Class A CDL Oil and Gas Program, which is a 6-week comprehensive training program designed to teach individuals the necessary skills to safely operate a commercial vehicle, as well as how to work safely in the oil and gas industry.

NPRC’s CDL Training Programs

NPRC offers each of the three CDL training programs listed above in Cameron, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, McKean, Potter, and Warren Counties. Conveniently, the recently opened Education & Training Center in Erie is close by. This location also features traditional classrooms and industry-specific lab spaces for precision machining, industrial maintenance, early childhood education, nurse’s aide and medical training, and more. Training ranges are also located at Wayne Paving in Shinglehouse, and Betts Park in Warren.

All of NPRC’s CDL programs are on the CareerLink Certified TAA/WIOA Training Programs/Providers List of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Workforce Development System for both the North West and North Central regions. NPRC’s CDL training is part of a larger workforce development program that was designed to combat what’s been referred to as an “education desert” in northern Pennsylvania, as well as combat the state unemployment rate by training adults for specific types of work that are currently in high demand throughout the nine counties they serve.

Getting your CDL is an important first step toward finding a stable career as a professional truck driver. Being a professional driver comes with many benefits, including a great starting salary. According to Ziprecruiter statistics, the average starting wage for a truck driver with a Class A CDL is $47,627, or $23 per hour. Additional benefits included overall job stability, and independence and self-management. The short timeframe for getting your CDL means you’re not too far from starting your career as a truck driver.

NPRC’s CDL training programs may be eligible for CareerLink funding through Pennsylvania’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) list, so once again we encourage you to consult with your local CareerLink to determine your eligibility. Contact our staff today to learn more about the CDL training programs offered by NPRC.

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