NPRC Takes Pride in Bringing Affordable Education to You

Affordable Education NPRC

Have you dreamed of becoming a college graduate one day? Surely, you are not alone. But it has not always been the most accessible or affordable option for everyone, especially to residents throughout northern Pennsylvania. However, with the introduction of Northern Pennsylvania Regional College in 2017, the region has been provided with an affordable and accessible college option. Otherwise known as NPRC, the institution is home to five associate degree programs, certificate options, and workforce development training courses.

How is NPRC able to provide these options in this region for such a low cost? We are glad you asked!

This Is How We Do It

It is easy for students to become overwhelmed by the rising costs of tuition and other educational expenses, but NPRC is proud to be a college that offers low tuition costs to help students find their path and follow their dreams. Our programs are up to 70 percent less than the cost of traditional brick and mortar colleges, with complete degrees averaging around $15,000. With the national average tuition continuing to increase year after year, we are proud to say we have not raised tuition since 2018.

Not only have we not raised tuition, but we have found other ways to cut out associated costs of being a college student. For example, over 50 percent of our textbooks are available to students for free. NPRC’s faculty have implemented distance learning tool kits in the classroom for subjects such as science, early childhood education, and criminal justice to help students avoid paying for a collection of supplemental supplies; and the College’s Board of Trustees recently voted to suspend institutional fees for two years.

While these decisions all provide incredible savings to students, as the average college student pays over $1,200 per year on books and other materials, our payment options and scholarship opportunities also assist in making college more affordable.

Payment Options & Scholarships

Our flexible payment plans, and various scholarship opportunities help students save even more on their education. Payment options are available for students with many different backgrounds and situations. Whether you can become a full-time student or need to enroll on a part-time basis, there are options to help make this step in your life much more affordable.

One of these ways is through institutional aid, an option that helps some pay as little as nothing to become an NPRC student. Institutional aid is awarded based on need and allows students to receive financial support that they will not have to pay back. Students seeking institutional aid must apply each academic year.

Institutional aid awards are granted for tuition at four levels based upon identified need. These levels of need are:

  • 100 percent funding
  • 75 percent funding
  • 50 percent funding
  • 25 percent funding.

A textbook and course materials voucher may be awarded as well.

Compared to institutional aid, scholarships are awards that typically do not need to be paid back; however, some may have requirements of service or commitment. They are often granted by various local, state, regional, or national organizations. All ten counties in our footprint provide local scholarships that our students are eligible for. High school students may also have additional scholarships available to them through their high school guidance office. These students are encouraged to reach out to their school’s guidance counselor for additional information on these opportunities

With a welcoming community and plenty of ways to cut costs through scholarships and aid, NPRC has reinvented what achieving a college degree can look like for those in our area. Our students can change their life and brighten their future for a fraction of the cost of a traditional college. For students interested in starting their educational journey at NPRC, the institutional aid applications priority deadline is Wednesday, November 30 for new Spring 2023 students.

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