NPRC Furthers Its Commitment to Local Organizations, Establishes Library Collaboration with Warren Library Association

NPRC comes to agreement and establishes relationship with Warren Public Library.

Access to resources that libraries provide, such as digital databases, research librarians, and other print or media sources, are important tools for college student success. Northern Pennsylvania Regional College and the Warren Library Association entered into an agreement to provide all NPRC students additional tools and support to complete coursework.

Resources available through online access with the Warren Public Library will include e-book titles, digital research databases focused on specific subject areas, physical books, and resources, and the opportunity for students to speak with a librarian in person or online for assistance. In addition to the collaborative library agreement, residents of Pennsylvania can register for access to the online Power Library that is provided by the state. This resource provides access to additional e-books and digital research databases.

Alongside the tools and support available for students, the Library personnel and staff will be valuable connections for faculty. The library staff will introduce faculty to the resources available to provide instruction on their use and integration into their coursework. NPRC and the Warren Public Library will work together to expand and tailor their collection in response to the needs of the College. 

Benjamin Blood, an English Instructor for NPRC, stated, “Utilizing our local and state library resources is integral to helping NPRC become a part of the fabric of the communities we serve. The services provided to our students and faculty will strengthen our ability to offer quality education and support our students on their higher education journey.” Kelli Knapp, Director and District Administrator of the Warren Library Association, added, “We are looking forward to providing services to students and faculty in such a vast area.” She went on to say, “There is no precedent in the state of Pennsylvania for a partnership like this and we are excited to collaborate on such a unique opportunity.”

Students from all counties NPRC serves are able to benefit from this partnership. It will be in place beginning with NPRC’s Spring 2020 term.