NPRC Continues to Flourish in Response to Northern Pennsylvania Educational Needs

NPRC Continues to Flourish in Response to Northern Pennsylvania Educational Needs

The mission of Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is “to provide affordable and accessible post-secondary education to the underserved residents of northern Pennsylvania,” and over the last year, NPRC has experienced much growth and progress. A strategic plan was developed, the number of active classroom delivery sites increased from 9 to 19, and student enrollment increased by 200%. Part of NPRC’s success can be attributed to their approach of meeting students where they are and having a high-tech, high-touch model, where they use technology creatively to maintain instructor and peer interactions and relationships.

In his Inaugural speech in September 2018, Founding President Nairn identified that the success of NPRC is also dependent on respect. NPRC is founded on “respect for our partners, respect for our students, respect for our faculty and staff, and respect for the communities we serve.” President Nairn continued, “That respect is manifested in a listen to first philosophy, where we listen to understand the needs of our students.”

NPRC Develops Curriculum Based on Local Area Needs

At NPRC, faculty and staff develop curricula with the consideration of advisory council input alongside community and regionally identified needs. The College is a full partner in economic development across the region and a potential magnet for business development based on a local, qualified workforce. Student Success Specialist, Steve Carr, who plays an active role in student enrollment and fields business interest for customized workforce development in Forest, Crawford, and Venango Counties adds, “We have already begun listening to the needs in our area. This past summer, a company requested a specific type of education for their employees. We were able to implement that workforce development course to address their needs.”

NPRC Works to Become an Institution to Seek Regional Accreditation

Two thousand nineteen promises to be another year of progress for NPRC while the College continues to work with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, become an independent institution, seek accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and launch additional programs and training. Contact a Student Success Specialist for any questions you may have regarding NPRC and how we can help you!