NPRC Continues Their Work Toward Accreditation

NPRC Accreditation

Over the last couple of years, NPRC has been pursuing institutional accreditation and is seeking Candidate for Accreditation. Accreditation provides a formal process for institutions to continually assess and improve their offerings, operations, and opportunities for students. It is important for three reasons:

  • It provides assurance that the college meets standards established by a nationally-recognized accreditor through review by accredited peer institutions.
  • Students have the assurance that the credits and degrees they earn are recognized as having the rigor, quality, and relevance common to all accredited colleges.
  • Accredited institutions are eligible to complete the processes necessary for approval to award federal and state grants and loans.

In September 2019, NPRC submitted their pre-candidacy application, which was approved in January 2020. With this approval, NPRC was granted eligibility to develop an accreditation readiness report (ARR) outlining the alignment of NPRC’s policies and processes to standards of common accrediting bodies. The most recent ARR has been reviewed by a peer review team who recommended that NPRC takes the next step in the accreditation process by submitting an updated ARR. This report will reflect advancements made since the original submission in September 2020. Following the submission of an updated ARR, the peer review team will conduct another review process and provide additional feedback on NPRC’s progress.

“We are all very excited for this next step in our accreditation process,” said President Snelick. “The team of staff, faculty, and board of trustees have worked extremely hard on a quality application and Accreditation Readiness Report. We look for opportunities for improvement on a regular basis to ensure our students are provided the best education and future opportunities.”

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