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Our Mission

To provide affordable and accessible post-secondary education to the residents of northern Pennsylvania.

Our Values

  • Lifelong and organizational learning by encouraging and fostering continuous learning and intellectual curiosity among all those served by the College.
  • Compassion by providing and maintaining a welcoming and understanding environment that embraces the diversity of our students and meet their needs, regardless of age, experience, ability, and background.
  • Inspiration by striving to empower those served and equip them with curiosity, hope, and courage.
  • Integrity through authentic, honest, reliable, and responsible service, while holding fast to its mission.
  • Innovation through its uniquely adaptive delivery model and organizational structure in order to best serve students and overcome logistical and educational barriers.
  • Community by growing connections, promoting engagement, and fulfilling community goals within each community and instills this value in its students and employees.

Our Identity

We serve communities in northern Pennsylvania by engaging recent graduates, high school or college non-completers, returning adults, and first-generation students.

We bring classrooms to communities by providing a flexible, career-focused curriculum and quality instruction using interactive media. We offer associate degrees, certificate programs, short-term classes, workshops and seminars, and customized training.

We are low-cost, high quality, easily accessible, student-centered, and highly responsive to existing or emerging community needs.

We enhance regional economic growth and civic development by meeting employers' needs for skilled workers. By doing so, we create greater opportunities and the career and educational pathways that will help retain and attract residents to our region.

Our future is bright because we fill a unique niche in the way in which we deliver post-secondary education and workforce development to our region. Our dedicated, highly qualified, and passionate trustees and staff are true partners in ensuring our students' success in school and in life.