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May Means Momentum Towards a Better World

May 3, 2023 1:30 pm

Mental Health Month May NPRC

May is a month for building momentum. The weather is warmer, days are longer, and outside get-togethers have resumed. Summer is approaching, which will allow us to participate in more outdoor activities we love. But more than the seasons and weather, May is a month that brings rightfully increased attention to mental health, older Americans, cultural diversity, and world hunger.

Mental Health Month

Resources to Help

Mental Health Month has been acknowledged in the United States since 1949. It’s a time dedicated to sharing information, stories, and resources that may be critical to someone’s well-being. Mental Health America is one of thousands of organizations that take initiative during this month. The principal topic they are addressing this year in their campaign is individuals’ surroundings. This includes Safe and Stable Housing, Healthy Home Environments, Neighborhoods and Towns, and Outdoors and Nature. By improving your surroundings, your mental health is more likely to improve. 
At NPRC, we have a collection of resources to support our students who may struggle with their mental health. These resources can be found in the Higher Education EAP. Students can access the Higher Education EAP both on the College website and on D2L. Within this tool, students have access to self-help resources, personal development benefits, and wellness benefits to assist them as they complete their education. In addition to these resources, there are various external resources and options if you or anyone you know is struggling, like the crisis/suicide hotlines, Center for Online Education resources, and College Forward resources. 
All of us go through difficult situations in life, and we are here to remind you that you do not need to go through it alone. There is no shame in asking for help and prioritizing any aspect of your well-being. Your life and what you are going through are important.

Older Americans Month

Support Our Elders

Each year, the Administration for Community Living takes the lead in the observance of Older Americans Month (OAM). This month has been celebrated since 1963 and is a time to recognize and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of this group of people. In 2023, the theme of Aging Unbound was selected as part of this month’s 60th anniversary. This theme allows people to explore and promote a collection of aging experiences and reinforces the importance of having fulfillment and independence as we get older. 
The Administration for Community Living is encouraging people to embrace the opportunity to change, stay engaged in your community, form new relationships, and continue to find new ways to grow individually. Some ways that people around the country will celebrate this month include connecting children with older Americans to share stories; coordinating classes, presentations, and workshops geared to support this population; and hosting game nights. No matter what you do to acknowledge Older Americans Month, remember to use the wisdom, life experiences, and thoughts from this population to help you live a better life.

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (May 21)

Connecting Our World for the Better

Every year on May 21, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) leads the effort to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. It is an important day that is used to make progress in bringing peace and continued development to the world. It is an important day because it is estimated that around 75 percent of the major conflicts happening around the world are because of cultural differences. By acknowledging and using diversity to our advantage, it can help the world experience more economic growth, increased intellectual opportunities, improved mental and physical health, and a richer spiritual life. 

Just a few days after this celebration, NPRC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee plans to bring together representatives and stakeholders from the institution to begin work on broader DEI initiatives across the institution to support the development of an environment that fosters belonging, inclusion, and support for those served by and who serve the college. The efforts of this group support those declared by the United Nations in sustainable systems for culture, promotion of human rights and freedoms, and increased cultural mobility.

World Hunger Day (May 28)

Sharing Resources Around the Globe

Over 800 million people around the world continue to go hungry every day. Despite having ample food for people to eat, much of this food goes to waste and does not arrive for the people who need it. To combat this rising problem, the World Hunger Day organization is leading initiatives to empower people who are going hungry to find solutions that are sustainable. With decades’ worth of data to support these claims, the 2023 theme of this movement is sustainability. By promoting sustainable farming practices, accounting for the shifts in the environment, facilitating replenishment initiatives, and empowering more women to act around the world, hunger can be reduced to help people live an improved quality of life.

Hunger is also an issue for the group of people NPRC serves — college students. It is estimated that upwards of 50 percent of college students in the United States face hunger, a statistic that is much higher than the national average in our country. There are various reasons for this, from accessibility to finances. However, there are many resources right in our communities that can help college students, including ours. If you are one of our students and need support in finding these resources, do not hesitate to contact your Student Engagement Specialist for assistance or check out our institutional support services.

There are some incredibly important causes to support in May. We challenge you this month to check-in and support people you know who may be struggling; strike up conversations with people who you would not ordinarily talk to; or donate food, drinks, or time to a local organization that will help people in need. NPRC is bigger than an education provider; we want to provide support in healthy, productive lifestyles to help serve our communities the best ways we can. 

Keep an eye on our social media pages to learn more about various resources to support your wellbeing throughout the month of May and beyond.


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