Looking For A Local College In Your Community? NPRC Is Right Here In Elk, Cameron & Potter Counties

Looking For A Local College In Your Community? NPRC Is Right Here In Elk, Cameron & Potter Counties

Offering Low-Cost College Classes in Communities Across the Northern Pennsylvania Region

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) brings low-cost and accessible postsecondary education to underserved areas by offering college classes in communities across the region. NPRC provides classes in more than 15 locations across nine counties, but we are not a campus-based college. We are not an online college either. We use a blended approach of real-time interaction and online resources and support. Now, you may be wondering what we mean by “real-time interaction.” NPRC uses live interactive television technology that links sites together in a shared virtual space, so you can see your instructor and peers, regardless of what county or classroom location they are at. This allows for meaningful give-and-take interaction and discussion between the instructor and students through all points in the term. The flexibility of this model enables NPRC to bring college directly to the region’s rural communities through local partnerships.

Providing Affordable and Accessible Classes Across the Elk, Cameron, and Potter Counties

Businesses and facilities, like community education councils, high schools, technical centers, and libraries, partner with NPRC to be accessible locally. These partnerships make classes available in communities and make the cost of tuition affordable to students. In addition to the benefit of low-cost classes, federal and state financial aid and assistance is also available. NPRC locations in Elk, Cameron, and Potter counties include:

  • Cameron County High School in Emporium
  • Community Education Council of Elk and Cameron Counties in St. Mary’s
  • Potter County Education Council in Coudersport
  • Oswayo Valley High School in Shinglehouse
  • Galeton High School in Galeton.

***Dual enrollment and degree courses are offered at these locations.

Local Students Achieve an Outstanding Education with NPRC & Gannon University

This fall, NPRC doubled their Associate degree offerings to bring local students opportunities to earn a two-year degree in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education/Early Intervention, or Interdisciplinary Studies. After students complete their degree, they will be prepared to enter the workforce or continue their studies toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. Classes and degrees are delivered to students through a partnership with Gannon University. This means that all coursework is accredited and can be transferred to most colleges and universities. NPRC’s collaboration with Gannon will continue until fall 2019.

The fall semester is already underway, but it’s never too soon to meet with a Student Success Specialist. Check our website in October for an updated list of Spring classes. They will be found on our college course class schedule page. Registration for the Spring term begins November 7th.