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The year 2023 is filled with so much hope, many possibilities, and, unquestionably, resolutions for many. Resolutions in the new year are nothing new. More than 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians made promises to their higher powers to pay off debts they owed, return things they borrowed, and reaffirm loyalty to their current monarch. While resolutions in the new year have taken many different shapes since then, the point remains the same of making positive changes for yourself and others. Some common resolutions for people today include improving their health and learning new knowledge and skills that will make a difference in their life. If these are some of your resolutions or you are looking for inspiration to begin 2023, continue reading to learn more about some upcoming holidays and causes to support throughout January.

World Religion Day

Finding Respect for Others Faith

World Religion Day will be celebrated this year on Sunday, January 15. On the third Sunday each January, this day is celebrated to remind us that it is important to have unity and peace between different religions and faith systems. With over 4,200 different religions in the world today, it is crucial that we respect and honor those whose lifestyles and practices may look different than your own.

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day

Remembering an International Hero

Every third Monday in January since 1983 has been dedicated to celebrating the bravery, sacrifices, and efforts of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Baptist minister fought in his home state of Georgia and around the United States to end racial segregation for Americans, with his efforts leading to many across the globe striving to make similar changes in their respective countries. Common activities on this day include parades and festivals, lectures to educate the next generation on his work in social justice, and listening to his speeches to both learn and take inspiration from.

While Martin Luther King Jr. Day is important; his legacy is celebrated throughout the calendar year. One local opportunity that honors his legacy is the Meadville Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship. This fund awards thousands of dollars each year to students from Crawford County pursuing post-secondary education and is a cause we have been honored to support here at NPRC. Martin Luther King Jr.’s activism made an impact that will be felt through the length of time. This year on January 16, we will again honor this hero and remember his dedication to helping Americans have a better life and more equal opportunity.

International Day of Education

Promoting Education Around the World

Education may look different today in developed nations than it did just a few years ago, but despite the ever-changing landscape, there is no question education is important and makes a difference for both development and peace. However, education has not changed one bit for plenty of others, including an alarming number of children living around the world.

Almost 260 million children and youth are not in school. There are 617 million children and adolescents who cannot read and complete basic math to improve their lives. Additionally, there are many who cannot afford schooling, including millions in the United States. This year on January 24, International Day of Education will be acknowledged as the quest continues to help others live a higher quality of life through more accessible and affordable education. One way you can make a direct impact is by donating to NPRC.

Your contributions will help someone living in your local community work towards post-secondary education or a degree that changes their life and provides them with a brighter future. When the costs for classes are as affordable as they are at NPRC, small donations can make a big impact. For every $2,220 raised, the College can give a student a scholarship towards one term of full-time study (12-18 credits). For every $1,300 raised, we can help give a student access to an EMT class so they can save lives in their community. Every donation big or small is appreciated!

Health-Related Holidays and Observances

Communities to Support Each January

January is filled with many holidays and observances that deserve recognition, including many that are focused on helping us live healthy lives both mentally and physically. Physically speaking, causes such as Cervical Health Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, Thyroid Awareness Month, and National Glaucoma Awareness Month are all causes to support during the month of January. Mental health efforts in January include International Creativity Month, It’s OK to Be Different Month, National Mentoring Month, and Reach Your Potential Month.

All these efforts are focused on helping people live their authentic life and have a higher quality of life. These are causes that we all can help support to help others live an emotionally, mentally, and physically fulfilled life. Being fulfilled is a quest that NPRC cares deeply about as it is our mission to help people find true happiness and unlock potential they did not know they had. Are you ready to learn more about us and start your educational journey? We hope you will join us!

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