Transferring to NPRC

NPRC welcomes all transfer students and wants to ensure that your transition to NPRC is as seamless as possible. We hope to be part of your educational journey and applaud you for taking steps toward your college degree. Transfer credits from schools where students have received a C or better in coursework may be evaluated for NPRC course or program credit. Students may also be eligible to receive prior learning credit through military credits and assessments, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), active industry credentials, or challenge exams.

You are able to see if your credits will transfer prior to applying by exploring our Accepted Transfer Credit Resource.

Transferring from NPRC

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is in the process of seeking candidacy for regional accreditation. As part of this process, beginning with the spring 2020 semester, NPRC is operating independently as a non-accredited institution. Please note the following:

  • The primary steps of regional accreditation are: pre-application, candidacy, self-study, and accreditation. NPRC is have completed the first step and is currently seeking candidacy. Any credits you earn will be coming from an institution that is not yet accredited and not yet a candidate for accreditation.
  • Transferability of credits is determined by the receiving institution. Many institutions do not accept credits as transfer from institutions that are not accredited; other institutions do not accept any transfer credits for dual enrollment courses. If you want to attend a college other than NPRC AND you want those credits to transfer, you need to speak with the college you wish to attend. You may be asked to provide a course description and/or syllabus to the institution as part of the evaluation. We strongly recommend that you do this prior to enrolling in NPRC classes if transferability of those credits are important to you and your future. Several institutions in our region have accepted NPRC credits; however, you need to ensure this will be true for you.

Transfer agreements are made available to students who plan to transfer from NPRC to complete a four-year degree at another institution. Again, if your goal is to attend another institution, we strongly recommend that you get confirmation, in writing, from that institution that they will accept our credits.

For questions about transferring to or from NPRC, email or speak with your Student Success Specialist!