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Liberal Studies Associate Degree

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies provides a foundation of first and second-year coursework upon which a student may build a four-year degree. Students are introduced to a broad array of foundational courses while providing flexibility to sample courses related to multiple fields of study and to tailor the program to correspond to many intended four-year majors. Coursework establishes a baseline postsecondary education for those who plan to pursue a general entry-level job while continuing their education by focusing on coursework that focuses on highly sought-after skills in communication, reasoning, respect for diversity, and professionalism. Students who successfully complete the program should have improved intellectual insight, self-awareness, and an ability to consider issues from multiple points of view. As much as possible, students should select courses that meet requirements within their planned four-year field of study.

An Affordable Liberal Studies Degree in Pa.

General Education Goals

In alignment with the general education goals of the college, upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Accurately and appropriately use verbal and written language to explain, discuss, facilitate, and comprehend the exchange of relevant knowledge, which includes information technology, critical thinking, and information literacy.
  • Employ a range of approaches for analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving that includes the ability to express informed opinions about artistic works, fluently and accurately use computational methods and mathematical reasoning to solve problems and analyze data, and apply scientific approaches to explain physical phenomena.
  • Express an appreciation of multiculturalism, promotion of a culture of respect for others, and recognition of differing ideas or opinions.
  • Exhibit adherence to principles of ethical behavior and organizational codes of conduct, the exercise of good judgment, and the assumption of personal responsibility for one’s actions and choices.

Liberal Studies Program-Specific Goals

At the conclusion of this program, students will successfully be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative information, including primary sources, within the humanities, arts, and sciences;
  • Develop critical thinking skills to articulate an informed position; and
  • Acquire competency in a broad range of academic courses.

What can you do with a Liberal Studies Degree in PA?

Our liberal studies degree in PA surveys a variety of subjects, such as psychology, sociology, literature, politics, mathematics, science, and fine arts. This background encourages the development of well-rounded individuals who are adaptable to a number of tasks and able to interact with a diverse range of co-workers. These skills are highly marketable in the ever-changing job market. Career fields that value an associate degree in liberal studies include entry-level positions in public service, non-profit agencies, human service agencies, and a variety of managerial positions. This degree serves as a foundation for a variety of bachelor’s degree programs and provides a pathway to careers in fields such as education, government, social work, administration, or communications.