3 Manufacturing Careers That Are Hiring Right Now


For many, the initial hesitance to pursue further education comes from the questions that plague any new career choice. Am I capable of learning a new trade? Is the industry even hiring right now? Will this career pay enough to take care of myself, and/or my family? Fortunately, Northern Pennsylvania Regional College’s (NPRC) workforce development program is specifically designed to encourage those seeking further education to enter career paths that are hiring in the region right now. Manufacturing is your ticket to a good living.

Our college currently serves nine counties throughout the region, and one of the strongest industries supporting northern Pennsylvania is manufacturing. According to our research, the manufacturing industry employs nearly one in five individuals in the regional workforce. Because of this, our workforce development program currently offers technical education courses and customized training for three manufacturing fields that are hiring right now.

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Industrial Maintenance Jobs

Over the next decade, jobs in the industrial maintenance industry — including machinery mechanics and millwright employment — is projected to grow by 13%, a much higher percentage than the standard 3%. Those who work in the industrial maintenance field learn about the best practices to increase equipment uptime in manufacturing environments. Similarly, it is the job of machinery mechanics to prevent manufacturing equipment from breaking down and keeping machinery in good working order. Workers like this are needed across all industries, from food products to transportation equipment and beyond.

It is the job of millwrights to install, dismantle, maintain, repair, reassemble, and move machinery within factories, power plants, and construction sites. NPRC’s industrial maintenance courses prepare students to work in residential and commercial environments, providing them the best opportunity to enter the field as quickly as possible.

Powder Metals Courses

Since 2001, the powder metallurgy industry has seen annual growth rates as high as 11%. Those who work in powder metallurgy assist in the production of fine powdered metals, which are then pressed and sintered to form objects. Jobs commonly associated with powder metallurgy include laboratory technicians, material handlers, and process engineers. NPRC offers introductory courses designed to support and sustain the thriving regional powder metal industry, and these courses are now being offered online.

Precision Machining Work

Employment of machinists and tool and die makers is projected to continue to grow at the standard rate of 3% over the next decade, with the definition of precision machining covering a wide array of skills. When preparing for the precision machining field, students will be learning about subjects such as blueprint reading, precision milling, precision turning, CNC mill and lathe programming, and more. Those who attend this program will emerge with a variety of skills specifically chosen to give them an edge in the precision machining industry, regardless of the position they seek.

How To Further My Career Path through NPRC’s Workforce Development Programs

Manufacturing jobs are vital for both the U.S. economy and for regional employers. That’s why we’ve designed our workforce development program around occupations that continue to employ workers throughout northern Pennsylvania. Our Student Engagement Specialists can help you begin creating a path to further your education or career training based upon your interests and abilities. For more information, contact us directly or view our brand new Discover NPRC page to take the next step on your journey.

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