Adult Learners

This could change everything!

With the help of the NPRC, we can get you the education you need to move your life in the direction you want.  Whether you have no college, a few classes or certificates of training, we can work with you to determine what classes, degrees and certificates we offer that will help you achieve your goals.  In fact, let’s get you an education that allows for upward mobility into a position within your community right now!  No need to leave your home to get a better job or provide a better life for your family.  With an education from the NPRC, we can help you achieve these goals right here at home in NW Pennsylvania.


Business Owners

This could change everything…

Investing in your employees creates positive morale, loyalty and a great working environment.  Great working environments create increased productivity, employee loyalty and increased job satisfaction.  Partner with the NPRC to create employee education plans that allow for your current employees to further their education with degrees or certificates that directly benefit your company and allow you to hire/promote competent, seasoned professionals from within your organization.  Contact us to find out more information about how other companies employ this philosophy and structure their program options for their employees.


High School Juniors & Seniors

This could change everything!

Believe in yourself and your future…We do!  Attending a career center now with dreams of owning your own construction business after high school…take a business class from the NPRC to help ensure you have the skills to be a success.  Not sure if college is your “thing?”  Why not try a class now to see what it is like first hand before you begin applying to colleges, or pick out a job.  Already taking AP classes?  Why not supplement those by earning college credits right now that you can take with you your freshman year.

No matter your path, we have a class, certificate program or degree that can help you better your future! (And you can’t beat the price!)

Affordable and Accessible

The Northern Pennsylvania Regional College strives to bring a college education right to your community so you don’t have to leave to better yourself, your job or your employees.  Our goal is to provide access to degrees and certificates that will allow the residents of our nine county service area to better themselves and their careers without having to leave the immediate area in which they live.

Accessible…We partner with local libraries, community education centers and schools to allow you to participate in LIVE classes with our advanced interactive technology.  That means you are attending a class, with a live instructor and experiencing a true college education without having to travel to a campus hundreds of miles away!

Affordable…Open enrolled students (students that have a high school diploma or equivalent) pay $180.00 per credit hour of classes.  Dual enrolled high school juniors and seniors pay $60.00 per credit hour of classes.  Because we have no bricks and mortar buildings and campus to upkeep, we can keep the cost to our students low enough that obtaining an education is possible for everyone!


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