What’s Next for NPRC & Erie County?

What’s Next for NPRC & Erie County?

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) has been serving students in Erie County since 2017. NPRC currently enrolls 32 Erie County residents at their established locations and has served 99 Erie County residents since 2017. The County locations include

  • 4 N.I.N.E. Center in North East
  • AJ Palumbo Academic Center – Gannon University
  • Corry Higher Education Council
  • Erie County Technical School
  • Iroquois High School
  • Rice Avenue Middle School in Girard
  • Union City High School

With an agreement for an Erie Committee between NPRC and Erie County on the County Council agenda, Andy Foyle and Mary Bula, both Erie County residents who serve on the board of the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, gave a perspective from the inside. 

These two board members are deeply engaged with Erie’s community – one as an owner of a manufacturing company who has served on various education and business-related boards, and one who leads a county-wide anti-poverty movement with over a decade of experience with education and workforce development initiatives. They embrace this proposal as an innovative approach to maximize resources and nimbly respond to education and training needs. 

Many questions have arisen in response to this proposal. Some including:

  • What is the cost to Erie County taxpayers?
  • Why partner with NPRC? 
  • What opportunities will Erie have to advise the NPRC on key curriculum?

Part of this agreement outlines the development of an Erie Committee to help establish priorities and curriculum recommendations. With a mission “To provide affordable and accessible post-secondary education to the underserved residents of northern Pennsylvania,” NPRC looks forward to expanding our educational opportunities through a facility providing labs and “hands-on” experiences in Erie County and creating the kind of workforce needed to help retain and attract new businesses and residents to our region. 

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