NPRC to Cease Formal Partnership Talks with Erie County Task Force

NPRC to Cease Formal Partnership Talks with Erie County Task Force

College to Work with Local Stakeholders to Identify Education & Training Needs

NPRC Administration hosted the Erie County Task Force at a meeting on August 9, 2019 to listen to concerns and discuss the Memorandum of Agreement and resolution that was collaboratively written by Erie County government administration and the NPRC, but later dramatically revised and approved by Erie County Council.  During that meeting, NPRC leadership shared with task force members the legal, accreditation, and philosophical issues that prohibited changes they were seeking. “We had hoped that our discussions with the task force would put solid mechanisms in place to help determine how to serve Erie best, identify locations, and receive input on curriculum,” said Joseph T. Nairn, D.Mgt., founding president, Northern Pennsylvania Regional College.  “Since that has not worked, we intend to return to our original plan to create an Erie County advisory committee to seek the Erie community input desired to serve the residents of Erie well,” Nairn added. 

According to NPRC Board Chair, Kate Brock, “As a non-profit regional college, it is our mission to provide affordable and accessible post-secondary education to the underserved residents of northern Pennsylvania. Erie is one of nine counties in our service area and I can say with assurance, we support the people of Erie County, and NPRC will continue to provide excellent higher education to the community.” 

Furthermore, Erie County’s State delegation remains in support of NPRC because the model does not place a financial burden on the local taxpayers. In the coming weeks, the NPRC will be assembling an Erie Advisory Committee with the help of local partners such as the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership and education, community, and business leaders.

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