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NPRC & Community Celebrates Launch of Pitt-Titusville Training Hub

November 11, 2019 2:46 pm

NPRC & Community Celebrates Launch of Pitt-Titusville Training Hub

Friday was the celebration of the new Education and Training Hub being developed at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville. Representatives from Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, Pitt’s Manufacturing Assistance Center, and The Manchester Bidwell Corp. all spoke about the transformations, commitments to the community, and the action that is needed to take for success. An important component of phasing in the new hub will be extensive building renovations so that the space at Pitt-Titusville will be better suited to the needs of the hub. This project has a predetermined goal to get people in Titusville and surrounding areas into the workforce by creating a location that offers classes and vocational training tailored to meet the needs of the local and regional industry.

Some other major focuses the new training hub will provide are Nursing and Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) programs, manufacturing job training courses, and other major vocational training. Joseph Nairn, our Founding President here at the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, said the courses the College offers at Pitt-Titusville will support the nursing and PTA programs there, as well as NPRC’s five Associate degree offerings and a one-year general education certificate. The increasing demand for nursing jobs provide us an opportunity where we can help students get their credits at an affordable rate While NPRC is already offering classes at Pitt-Titusville for their enrolled students, their partnership and transfer agreement with Pitt-Titusville will be effective for Spring 2020.

Continuing to Evolve With Northern Pennsylvania’s Community Needs 

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College’s goal is to provide affordable and accessible post-secondary education and workforce development training to people who need it. Over the last year, NPRC has experienced growth and their strategic plan has provided a means for substantial success. Part of NPRC’s success can be attributed to their approach of meeting students where they are, like through the partnership with Pitt-Titusville, and having an innovative model, where they use technology creatively to maintain instructor and peer interactions and relationships.

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