NPRC Celebrates Graduates at Annual Commencement Ceremony

NPRC Commencement 2023

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College celebrated their annual commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 20 at 2:00 p.m. The event took place at The Titusville Mill in Titusville, with eight students receiving their diplomas. Three additional students received their certificate in general studies. Two students graduated in absentia.

President Snelick opened the ceremony sharing words about the graduates and the milestone that they accomplished.

“As I look out at our graduates, I see many happy faces: I see hope; I see potential; I see individuals who want to make a difference; I see success! You have all made a difference at NPRC. You represent our third graduating class of the college, and I am thrilled to be here, as your president, to take part in this moment in your, and the college’s, life.”

Savannah Casey was selected as this year’s class speaker. Before the ceremony, she spoke more in-depth about what the opportunity to be the student speaker and the employees of NPRC meant to her.

“I’m ecstatic and very honored,” she explained. “I greatly appreciate everyone who saw potential in me and helped me get through college. Every student engagement specialist, administrator, faculty, and staff member are phenomenal.”

During her speech, Casey shared about her journey as a college student that began in the fall of 2020. She thanked her husband and children for sticking by her side over the last three years as well as the NPRC faculty and staff for their guidance and for a special graduation day. Casey also included some inspiring words of advice for all in attendance – “Your time is limited. Do not waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own voice. And, most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart.”

The Mayor of Kane, Brandy Schimp, followed Casey as the 2023 Commencement Speaker. Schimp’s address featured themes of asking for help when needed, understanding the value of each person’s dollar, turning “they” into “we”, being proud to be an NPRC graduate, and having pride in being from a rural area. She shares:

“I hope as you go, you proudly tell people that you are a graduate of NPRC. And that you tell them why you love the area. And that you encourage them to check it out for themselves. Rural can sometimes come with a negative connotation – that we must have less of something – but by helping others to reimagine how they view rural, we are helping them experience this area we are fortunate enough to call home.

We can move mountains in rural areas. We are not less than. We are a force. And a movement. And an incredible way of life. So, wherever your journey takes you, I hope you take a piece of this special place with you and know that you can come back, because opportunity abounds.”

After the Commencement Speaker, candidates were presented. This year’s candidates included:

Associate of Arts

Angela L. McFarland – Tionesta

Sarah Marie Parmeter* – Clarendon

Katherine J. Reed – Corry

Associate of Science

Michelle L. Bawden* – Tionesta

Savannah Casey* – Warren

Noah Held* – Erie

Associate of Applied Science

Gina Gornati* – Kersey

Certificate in General Studies

Michelle L. Bawden – Tionesta

Emily Burdick+ – Titusville

Savannah Casey – Warren

Gina Gornati – Kersey

Corrine Lou Heeter – Titusville

Noah Held – Erie

Kerston Latchaw – Franklin

Angela L. McFarland – Tionesta

Sarah Marie Parmeter – Clarendon

Katherine J. Reed – Corry

*Graduating with Honors — Students who graduate with Honors have earned an institutional GPA of 3.00 or higher and have earned at least 50% of the required credit hours through enrollment in NPRC coursework.

+Received general studies certificate in absentia.

To conclude the ceremony, Kate Brock, Chairperson of NPRC Board of Trustees, took the podium to remind the graduates that, “As you continue your journey after NPRC, we wish you all the best. You will always have support from the team at NPRC. And finally, please remember to keep in touch and keep us updated as you accomplish your goals.”

Saturday’s event marked the third commencement ceremony in the history of Northern Pennsylvania Regional College. With the hard work of the NPRC Commencement Committee, the College hosted a ceremony that these alumni and families will never forget. We look forward to continuing to celebrate these alumni for years to come and seeing many more students cross the stage in the coming years.

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