New Term, New Opportunity to Get Registered at NPRC

Registering for Classes NPRC

It is time to register for classes! This may be a familiar process for some of you current students, but there also may be some that are joining us at NPRC for the first time. No matter where you are on your academic journey, wonderful things are in store, and we are here to help answer questions and address concerns you may have about the registration process. Our Student Engagement Specialists (SES)  help make your registration  experience a bit better. Let’s dive in to see what tips they have!

Meet with your Student Engagement Specialist 

Before the upcoming term starts, you will want to meet with your student engagement specialist (SES). Your SES serves as your college advisor and is here to guide you towards whatever goals you have while you are an NPRC student. From exploring course and career options, completing financial aid applications, graduating in a certain timeframe, or even transferring to a four-year school, they have the knowledge to help you through each step of the way.

Plan your Path

Each term’s schedule includes a variety of courses that fulfill general education and major course requirements for each associate degree. As an NPRC student, you can personalize your path to degree completion by choosing the number of courses you take during a term and those that fit best with your personal schedule and goals. NPRC is home to working parents, dual-enrolled high school students in our early entry program, first-generation college students, students planning to use their degree to change career paths, and many other life situations. Finding the right balance in your life is crucial to your success and being the best version of you. Your degree planning worksheet that you will complete with your SES each term is a key step in meeting your goals and finding this balance.

Schedule Courses

Scheduling your courses is one of the most anticipated aspects of being a college student. You may work with your SES to get courses scheduled or take steps independently to do this. Begin by logging into the My NPRC Student Portal. Once in the portal, follow these steps to add courses to your schedule: 

  1. Click on the Student Records Tab
  2. Select Course Tools
  3. Select Course Registration
  4. Identify the term for which you are registering and continue
  5. Enter and/or review directory information and emergency contact information
  6. On the next screen, click add courses, choose the location in which classes will be attended, and finally, select your courses. After these steps, registration is complete. New students may need to complete additional steps found on the Admitted Student Checklist to prepare for the start of the term.  

Plan Your Payment and Last Steps

Some of the final tasks to help you get registered at NPRC include checking your email for your tuition bill, setting up a payment plan to pay your tuition bill, and purchasing textbooks for your classes! Once registered, do not be afraid to adjust your schedule if your personal schedule or goals change. More information on the schedule adjustment deadlines can be found listed on the academic calendar or listed in the College Catalog.

Deciding to go to college opens you up to the possibility of a brighter future. Solidifying the commitment by registering for courses is the next step that will lead you on your way. From here, remarkable things are on the horizon, and our Student Engagement Specialists are prepared to assist you during every step of the way. To learn more about NPRC, connect with us on social media or visit our website for additional support.

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