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For years, one of the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College’s greatest strengths has been our ability to operate outside of the confines of a traditional brick and mortar campus. While our administration operates out of Warren, Pa, we serve nine counties throughout the region, with classroom locations available in Cameron, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, McKean, Potter, Venango, and Warren.

This benefit of distribution was only cemented as NPRC was impacted by the COVID-19 health pandemic. Fortunately, the infrastructure of distance learning opportunities allowed us to transition as smoothly as possible into a remote setting that allows current students to continue their courses with as little disruption as possible. This continues to adhere to NPRC’s ongoing mission to provide associate degrees and workforce training that is accessible, affordable, and achievable.

Accessible Classroom Locations & Remote Learning Opportunities

The ongoing health crisis has been a challenge for many local businesses and institutions, NPRC included. But prior to the pandemic, and long after it’s over, we will continue to excel in offering accessible education through distance learning capabilities in classrooms throughout the aforementioned nine counties. Many of these classes are located in existing public community spaces such as schools and other educational entities, giving students a classroom experience close to home without the need to relocate. For many students, accessibility can be the deciding factor when settling on a path toward further education or workforce training.

As a high school student, I was not motivated at all,” says one student. “Once I enrolled at NPRC, my Student Success Specialist really helped motivate me and find my path. The combination of a live classroom experience while integrating technology gives a great learning atmosphere. There are smaller classes, which provide more individualized learning for students to prosper. NPRC gave me the start I needed to transfer to a private research institute and continue pursuing my goals.”

“NPRC made my transfer from a state institution seamless,” says another student. “They were able to review my transcripts and work through a plan to achieve my degree as soon as possible. The instructors give you plenty of one-on-one time and everything is close to home. All members of the NPRC staff give you the support you need when you need it.”

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Affordable Associate Degrees in Early Childhood Education, Business Administration & More

One of the first things prospective students consider when looking to further their education is the price. Another benefit of NPRC’s design is that it allows the college to price programs 70% cheaper than traditional brick and mortar colleges. Complete degrees at NPRC average around $15,000, compared to a national average that has students paying the same amount per year at traditional colleges. By offering institutional aid and accepting local scholarships, we are committed to making degrees affordable to anyone willing to invest in their education. A variety of payment plans for students are also offered, regardless of financial circumstances – because if you’re going to invest in education, we want you to succeed in all aspects.

Education & Workforce Goals That Are Achievable

Speaking of success, we understand that not everyone who attends NPRC adheres to the same schedule. In fact, students’ circumstances can be quite different, from their family life to work and everything in between. That’s why it is crucial that our associate degrees are achievable for those who require non-traditional scheduling.

“I wasn’t able to finish my college education when I was younger,” says one student. “I always wanted to go back to school, but it wasn’t until your program was recommended to me that I believed it was possible. The evening classes were great because I was able to work and take care of my children during the day and focus on school at night. The classroom environment was comfortable and casual, which I believed allowed us to be more open and participatory. NPRC has such a positive impact on their students, their family, and the community.”

Often, students can get a jump start on their college education by earning stackable credentials through non-credit workforce courses or high school coursework that can easily be transferred towards NPRC degrees. Of course, we’d never leave it up to our students to navigate the complicated system of starting college alone; at NPRC, we ensure that success and goals are achievable through the use and support of our experienced Student Success Specialists. By working with them, you can guarantee that whatever path you choose, your NPRC experience is customized to your goals.

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While the rest of the world continues to work through what many consider to be a “new normal,” there’s never been a better time to explore the unique benefits offered to those pursuing an associate degree or workforce training through NPRC. Feel free to explore our comprehensive list of programs below and request more information on our courses and virtual learning capabilities.

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  • Early Childhood Education
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