5 Benefits of Career Services for Students and Employers

At Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC), we offer career-focused programs and training that help meet the workforce needs of our regional industries. Many of NPRC’s programs also include hands-on or field experiences to supplement coursework and give students real-life learning opportunities. Working hand in hand with classroom learning, NPRC’s new Career Services works to connect students with resources and support to assist them in preparing for a career, finding a job that “fits” them, and becoming confident candidates.

Career Readiness and Management

Over the years, college career services offices have shifted away from job placement and begun emphasizing a holistic career education model. By making this shift and offering career development resources and services, students gain skills and abilities to identify, pursue, and attain career goals long after the completion of their degree or training and start of entry-level careers.

Career Exploration and Assessment

Selecting a major may be easy, but you may now be asking, what can I do with this degree? Career Services provides access to resources for career exploration by major, valuable information from the U.S. Department of Labor, and gives you insight into career journeys from multiple individuals in varying industries.
If you are still unsure about what jobs you may want to pursue with your degree, self-guided tools are available for exploration of your personality type, evaluation of the skills you possess, and your career personality. Based on the results of these self-assessments, you may get even more direction for your ideal career path!

College Central Network ®

It is easy to become overwhelmed by information when searching for jobs, so when it comes to providing job-search resources to students or local employers, NPRC has partnered with College Central Network in order to make the process simpler within the regions we serve. College Central Network® is a free, web-based tool designed to help students and alumni connect with local employers looking to fill a wide range of opportunities. Employers are able to register, post their open positions, and review applicants right in their account; while students can upload resumes, create a portfolio, and apply for regional positions with the click of a button!

Cover Letter and Resume Help

You will want to put your best foot forward when initiating communications with potential employers and many communications will require a cover letter or resume. The ability to connect job duties with your own proven skills and strengths is important when writing cover letters and resumes. Career Services staff can review or help you prepare these documents with tips on best practices to make sure your resume can be tailored to different job opportunities.

Interview Preparation

Interviewing with a potential employer can be nerve-wracking! You may be interviewing over the phone, in person, or via video, but no matter what the communication platform, you should always be prepared. From the proper way to dress to tips for answering various interview questions, we can help you be confident during your interview.

Beginning, changing, or advancing careers takes time and planning. Our regional employers are constantly looking to fill positions with individuals who are good communicators, have a great work ethic, and will positively represent their organization. Let us help you be the best candidate for the job!

For employers looking to actively engage and recruit NPRC students or to learn more about Career Services, email career-services@rrcnpa.org.