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Program Description

Develop skills to plan, organize, lead, and coordinate projects and personnel to be an innovative leader.

Supervision & Leadership Training

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric once stated that the soft skills of the 20th century have now become the hard skills of the 21st century. These “hard skills” have become more critical than anyone could have imagined. It is common for many frontline workers to be placed in leadership positions because of their technical capabilities. However, they are placed there without having extensive supervisory training.

The courses associated with supervisory leadership are built on a research-based leadership development competency framework that consists of over 30 competencies. Our selection of courses is comprehensive and includes examples such as:

  • Supervisory Fundamentals
  • Team Issues and Challenges
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Through Change and Performance Management

These training courses can be customized to an employer’s specific needs with flexible scheduling and delivery models available. Our programs can help take individuals with a technical background or little managerial experience and assist them in becoming the manager and leader their organization needs them to be.

Upcoming Courses

None available at this time.