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Program Description

A major part of an organization’s strategic objectives is to improve effectiveness through Operational Excellence methodologies including customer focus, stable and capable delivery system, and a continuous improvement culture.

NPRC, in partnership with Future State Engineering, can positively impact and assist organizations that strive to achieve breakthrough and sustainable performance improvement. Organizations will define the necessary and sufficient conditions to create a continuous improvement culture to achieve a predictive operations environment.

Continuous improvement courses encompass operational excellence methodologies, which include techniques to reduce risks and costs associated with overtime, expediting, and quality defects. Courses are designed specifically for the organization’s needs and are project-based learning. These courses will incorporate instruction and application of content in the participant’s workplace as well as provide coaching to reinforce content and strengthen competency.

Topics areas that NPRC can help your business with include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer-Driven Excellence, 
  • Building a Continuous Improvement Culture 
  • Creating a Decisive Competitive Advantage for Your Customer 

Operational Excellence courses are offered strictly on a customized training basis at the company level and are not open for the general public. Companies interested in bringing these trainings to their employees can submit their interest for a needs assessment and quote from our workforce development team.

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