Dr. Aldo Jackson

Executive Director of Erie Operations and Workforce Development

Email: ajackson@rrcnpa.org

Dr. Jackson was the director of the Erie County Technical School from 1997 to 2018. During his tenure with ECTS, the school established a quality management system accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. In 2010, ECTS was selected as one of the first five Pennsylvania CTE Best Practices Initiative sites. His prior professional experiences include instructor with the Workforce Education and Development department at the Pennsylvania State University, and a marketing education teacher and an adult education director with the Great Oaks Career Development Campuses in Cincinnati, Ohio.

While at Penn State, he acquired his Ph.D. in Vocational Education. He also holds a M.Ed. in Business Education and a B.S. in Marketing and Distributive Education from Bowling Green State University.

His professional and community involvement includes Board of Directors for the NWPA Workforce Development Board, the Erie County Career Pathways Alliance, Career Street Advisory Board, and a past president of the Pennsylvania Association of Career & Technical Administrators.