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NPRC Live Demonstrates Virtual Learning Opportunities in Northern Pennsylvania

August 6, 2020 2:15 pm

Back in May, the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) broadcasted the very first edition of NPRC Live. This video connected those watching live on Facebook with  NPRC employees, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about applying, course availability, and logistics during the age of COVID-19. This video has remained popular with NPRC’s followers on social media, and it seems there’s never been a better time to review some of the crucial information covered throughout the hour-long event.

Affordable & Accessible College Courses During COVID-19

As President Joseph T. Nairn described at the end of his interview, NPRC is neither a brick and mortar institution, nor is it a traditional internet school. However, the way the college makes use of the internet in its educational model is definitely worth mentioning, as it potentially led to them being even more prepared in the face of the current public health crisis. One of the most exciting moments of the broadcast was its incorporated virtual learning demonstration. Here, one of the College’s Early Childhood Education faculty members, Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser, presented students with a lesson detailing ways to teach first-grade science.

During this exercise, she first asked her students, roleplaying as first graders, to observe and identify the properties of cookie dough. Then, she was able to bake the dough and compare the properties of the cookie it became as an example of irreversible change. Five students joined the faculty member for this particular lesson, but Dr. Linda M. Fleming notes that current virtual courses can hold up to 15 students, while most traditional (non-COVID-affected) courses can hold between 20 and 25 students. These lessons also utilize screen-sharing so that a faculty member can share information with their students in addition to displaying themselves teaching or performing demonstrative activities.

As new information becomes available about COVID-19 and the safety precautions necessary to stop its spread, NPRC continues to lead its students on a path to success, both inside and out of the classroom. For more information, read about the accessible and affordable courses NPRC is currently offering, as well as these tips on how to be a successful student during a pandemic.