Math and English Course Placement

To ensure that students have the greatest opportunity for success in gateway freshman-level English and mathematics courses, NPRC employs corequisite support courses for math, reading, and writing. Each support course provides students with a two-credit hour learning experience. There courses provide students with concurrent just-in-time instruction aligning with course content in the first college-level writing and mathematics courses. All students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate support courses corresponding to their enrollment in mathematics and English courses.

Students whose prior educational experience or established skill sets indicate the support courses may not be essential may request exemption based on their scores from the ACT or SAT-1. Additionally, students who earned their high school diploma within the last three years may request exemption based on their GPA. Students who completed high school more than three years ago or earned their high school equivalency or GED may request a free assessment of their mathematics, writing, and reading levels through application of the Next Generation Accuplacer. Based on the results of this testing, these students may be eligible to request exemption from one or more support courses.