Where We Are

  • Coudersport
  • Erie
  • Meadville
  • St. Marys
  • Titusville
  • Warren

We have Student Success Specialists at six regional “hubs” to best assist students in our service area. Contact us today to find the Specialist nearest you!

Application and Admissions

Dual Enrollment – Eligible high school students
Juniors must have 3.5 GPA
Seniors must have 3.25 GPA

  • Application materials:
  • - Application
  • - Current high school transcript
  • - Dual enrollment authorization form
  • - Course/site selection form
  • - Payment due at registration

Checks made payable to Gannon University (In memo line put the student’s name and NPRC reference)
Gannon University Center for Adult Learning
109 University Square
Erie, Pa 16541

Adult Student – Earned high school diploma or equivalent

  • Application materials:
  • - Application
  • - Personal statement (one-page, typed essay describing your activities since completing high school, as well as your goals for higher education and future employment)
  • - Letter of recommendation (from supervisor, peer, guidance counselor, etc. recommending your admission into this program – Cannot be a family member)
  • - High school transcript verifying completion
  • - Course/Site selection form
  • - Transcripts (if other college credits have been earned)
  • - Completed FAFSA (school code 003266)

*Credit cost is based on residency in the 9-county service area of NPRC. For additional Cost and Financial Aid information, click here.

Who To Talk To

Dannielle Nebinski

Central Region (Warren)

Office: Warren-Forest Higher Education Council

Dannielle has been a resident of Warren for 12 years. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies (Women and Gender Studies concentration), with a minor in Psychology from Clarion University. Before coming to NPRC, Dannielle worked for five years with the Warren County YMCA helping community youth and families. Her passion for serving led her to Northern Pennsylvania Regional College where she helps people in her region realize their goals and achieve their dreams. If you take the leap, she will be there every step of the way.

Jocelyn Hamilton-Bash

Southeast Region (St. Marys)

Office: Community Education Center of Elk and Cameron Counties

Jocelyn received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Clarion University and joined the NPRC team in January 2018. Prior to joining Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, Jocelyn worked with the Education Consortium of the Upper Allegheny (ECUA) as part of their pilot program that preceded NPRC. Since her first day with the ECUA pilot, she finds value in the “education in your backyard” approach. She has seen 16 graduates of the program reach their goals and beyond. She is inspired by those stories to help find the right fits for the next class of students.

Maryanne Chaffee

Erie City Region (Erie)

Office: Palumbo Center – Gannon University

Maryanne holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Mercyhurst and has spent the last 15 years in Workforce Development in Erie County. Prior to that, she worked in the mental health field, assisting consumers in achieving self-sufficiency through training and employment. Through her experiences in workforce development, she discovered that her passion is helping youth and adults overcome obstacles and to reach their full potential. She believes in the power of education to transform lives, as well as the communities in which they live.

Regina Russell

Northeast Region (Coudersport)

Office: Potter County Education Council

Regina is a Potter County native. She earned her Associate Degree in Business Administration through the pilot program with Gannon that helped establish Northern Pennsylvania Regional College. As a graduate of NPRC’s program, she is excited to use her knowledge and experience to help others take advantage of the opportunities NPRC offers to communities in Potter and McKean Counties.

Steve Carr

Southwest Region (Titusville)

Office: West Forest High School

Steve is a Northwestern Pennsylvania native and a graduate of Titusville High School. He attended Allegheny College and earned his Master of Science degree from the University of Tennessee. Steve has served in several positions during his nearly 20 years in higher education. He is focusing on helping to guide residents of Northwest Pa to educational opportunities that will benefit both the individual and their communities.