Do I qualify to take classes?

It is as simple as having a high school diploma or GED.  NPRC is an open admissions college. There are no additional admissions requirements for individuals who have earned a high school diploma, a GED, or an approved alternative.  No long or complicated application process, no fees, and no stress.  We want to help you achieve your dreams!

What degrees or certificates do you offer?

Four associate degree programs will be offered beginning Fall 2018: Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Education/Early Intervention.  Certificate programs vary and rotate, please view our Work Force Development section for more information on what is currently being offered.

How do I get financial aid or scholarships?

Students are eligible for traditional federal and state financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be found at The school code is 003266.

Need help applying for or finding Scholarships? Contact the Student Success Specialist in your area to help guide you through the process!

Are credits transferrable?

Yes, credits are transferrable to any college or university that accepts Gannon University credits.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment classes are for eligible high school juniors and seniors.  These students get a jump start on their college credits at a fraction of the cost they will pay at a 4-year institution. These classes can supplement current course work or, depending on the high school, count toward high school graduation requirements. Credits earned can be transferred to most colleges and universities.

Where are you located?

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College holds classes in community locations throughout its 9-county service area (Cameron, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, McKean, Potter, Venango, and Warren). We partner with libraries, high schools, businesses, etc. and bring in the technology to live-feed classes right in your own community!  We also have Student Success Specialists located at six “hub” sites to assist students (Coudersport, Erie, Meadville, St. Marys, Titusville, and Warren).  Visit the Student Success Specialists page to find out who to contact for your area.

Is Northern Pennsylvania Regional College a public or private institution?

We are recognized as a public institution.

What time are classes?

All classes are held after 3:15 p.m.  With most of our classes being held in the evening, it means that our students can maintain full-time employment and still pursue a degree.

Can I work at my own pace?

NPRC is college on YOUR terms!  That means you can go as fast or slow as your life allows each step of the way.  Our Student Success Specialists will help guide you from application to graduation and everything in between!

Do I need a computer?

We are not an online college.  You will attend a “classroom” site and do not need a computer to attend class.  Please note, to complete class assignments and research, you will need the ability to access a computer.  Most local libraries have public computers that would provide you with what you need to complete your assignments.  Some classroom locations provide access to computers/labs as well.

Is NPRC an online college?

NPRC is neither an online college nor a traditional, campus-based college. Northern Pennsylvania Regional College offers classes via live, interactive video technology across our 9-county service area. This allows students and instructors the ability to interact throughout class instruction. (Think “Facetime” or “Google Hangouts”)

How many students are in a class?

Class sizes vary, but on average contain 15 students across the NPRC regions. This means that there may be 3 locations with 5 students each or 2 locations with 7 and 8 students respectively.  Each class and semester differs.  It’s part of the unique structure of our college and it is always changing and adapting.