COVID-19 Updates

At the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, we strive for integrity and promote a moral and ethical responsibility to protect one another and our community. Students, staff, faculty members and others working for the College will comply and support the adoption of all guidelines including social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand-washing. By promoting a culture of respect that includes these behaviors, we anticipate that our entire community will follow protocols.

All members of the NPRC community are encouraged to advocate for themselves and others when they see individuals who are not following the guidelines. Faculty and staff are empowered to enforce expectations within their classrooms, labs, and office spaces.

Effective November 23, NPRC staff will return to working remotely until further notice. All phone calls will continue to be monitored and the administrative offices at 300 2nd Avenue in Warren, PA will be closed to the public, except by appointment.

NPRC COVID-19 Administrative Contacts