Raymond Pring, Jr.

Raymond Pring, Jr. , Vice President of Finance and Administration, contact using email rpring@rrcnpa.org

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Email: rpring@rrcnpa.org

Raymond is the Vice President of Finance and Administration of the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC), established May 25, 2017.  A native or Warren, Pennsylvania, Mr. Pring graduated with a degree in Economics from Georgetown University in 1983, before earning a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems in 1989, from Boston University.  In 1995, Mr. Pring was awarded a Juris Doctorate degree from the Antonin Scalia School of law (formerly the George Mason University School of Law).  Mr. Pring served as a commissioned officer aviator in the United States Army for thirteen years, and prior to joining the NPRC administration, spent more than twenty years as a practicing attorney with a focus on corporate and financial matters.  Mr. Pring is active in his community, serving on the boards of directors of numerous non-profit organizations and he is active on two governance committees of the City of Warren.  Mr. Pring and his wife have seven adult children and one grandchild.