Local Advisory Committees

At NPRC, we take pride in our quality programming. To ensure this quality and to provide relevant programs and courses to our communities, local advisory committees have been developed. The main purpose of these committees is to help ensure the knowledge and skills students receive in the classroom are current with what is needed in the workforce while establishing a continual partnership between the programs and business and industry. 

Members of these committees are selected from the community by recommendations from the NPRC Board of Trustees, staff, business representatives, and other advisory committee members. These members serve in a voluntary, consultative capacity and have expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in the career area for which they are serving. Activities of these groups may include

  • Curriculum development
  • Assessment of community needs
  • Student placement in jobs
  • Identifying facilities and obtaining equipment
  • Public relations
  • Staff development
  • Student recruitment
  • Legislative and financial support

Erie Advisory Committee

This committee was charged to provide important connections to community stakeholder groups that can help inform NPRC decision-making and to make recommendations to the administration regarding curriculum, faculty, student supports, facilities, and equipment to best meet the needs of Erie County.


  • Senada Alihodzic – International Institute
  • Sue Bogert – Corry Area School District
  • Sonny Concepcion – Iglesia Bautista El Calvario
  • Adrienne Dixon, Ph.D. – Sarah Reed Children’s Center
  • Yvette Jennings – Erie United Parents
  • Danny Jones – GECAC
  • Carolynn Masters, Ph.D. – Penn State Behrend, Nursing Program
  • John Oliver – VisitErie
  • Brian Polito – Erie’s Public Schools
  • Lynn Rupp – UPMC
  • Antonella Spinelli – Girard School District
  • Vicki Stetson – 4 N.I.N.E. Place
  • Jesse Tate – Erie County Re-Entry Services & Support Alliance
  • Mike Weber – Smith Provision Retired
  • Jim Willats – Machining Concepts