Transfer students and credits

Transfer students and credits are accepted at NPRC based on guidelines outlined in NPRC-3425: Transfer Credit. Any course a student may have completed with a grade of C or higher from any institution of higher education may be eligible for consideration of transfer credit. Courses for which transfer credit is awarded may be used to meet program requirements or as elective credit depending on a student’s selected program of study.

We have compiled a resource of currently accepted transfer credits and the NPRC course equivalents. This list is updated each semester. If your school is not listed and you’d like to know if credits you have completed transfer to NPRC, you may send an unofficial transcript to and an unofficial transcript evaluation will be completed. Current students can view this resource in the My NPRC Student Portal under the “Student Records” tab.

If you’ve been accepted to NPRC, once an official transcript is received, any credits that are accepted will be entered onto your student record. Through the My NPRC Student Portal (Link), you can view the accepted credits under the “Student Records” tab and by clicking on “Transfer Credit Detail” under the “Degree Information” header. Accepted credits will also appear on your Degree Audit and Unofficial Transcript, both accessible under the “Student Records” tab.