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Job Search Preparation

At NPRC we work to support you to meet your career goals by preparing you in the classroom as well as assisting you to be fully prepared with employment skills outside of the classroom.  The tips and tools below will help you to put your best foot forward in your job search.


Your resume will be one of the most important tools in your job search. For each position to which you apply, you should review your resume to see how it aligns with the job to which you are applying and make modifications as necessary. What you may wish to highlight as key strengths for one position, may be different for a second position.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a way for you to make a connection with a potential employer and to personalize your professional and life experiences as they relate to a particular job opportunity. Your cover letter is a way to say, “Here’s why you should hire me.” Before you start writing the letter, read through the job posting a few times to get a sense for what the organization is seeking. If you are not familiar with the organization, research on their website, Google and social media to find pertinent information about their history and current trends.

Creating a LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is another key tool in today’s job market. At times, it can be the first impression a potential employer or recruiter has of you. Like your resume, you should take time to develop a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed. Once your profile is in place, make sure to keep the information current and update your skills.

Social Media Presence in Your Job Search

Social media has become an increasingly important resource in the job search. It allows you to access a great deal of information about organizations to prepare for an interview and to help you gain insight about organizational culture. Be thoughtful about your own social media presence, however, as it is also used by employers who are screening for positions they are seeking to fill. Be cautious about what you post and share on social media and what negative implications this could have.


Conducting a job search in today’s job market consists of two very important areas – what you know and who you know. When you use your networking skills to connect, you tend to be more successful in your search. Network with those people who might be potential colleagues or employers, but also those individuals who might mentor and advise you in powerful ways. Who’s part of your network?

Promotions and Advancement

Climbing the corporate ladder or advancing from an entry-level job to a management position can be done through gained experience and creating a clear path with your current employer. By exemplifying strong work ethic, providing value to your workplace, and discussing growth opportunities with your supervisor, you can be prepared for advancement.