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Career Services

Partnering with you to achieve your professional and career goal is important to us at NPRC. It takes time and planning. We encourage you to use the resources below to explore self and careers, take action, and pull it all together. We are here to support you.


Some academic program outcomes may align with career services competencies. These outcomes may include:

  1. Identify occupations and careers in a given field requiring an associate degree.
  2. Explore and evaluate the regional occupational outlook to include available jobs, salary ranges, and basic educational requirements within a degree program’s field.
  3. Develop resources to support a job search and application including cover letter, resume, or a professional portfolio.
  4. Demonstrate professional communication skills within the context of a field of study which may include interview techniques, salary negotiation, networking strategies, email and voicemail etiquette.
  5. Analyze the impact of online presence and activity on professionalism, career goals, and personal privacy.
  6. Complete a field experience with a regional employer.

Career Exploration


Job Search Preparation


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