General Studies

The Certificate degree in General Studies provides students the opportunity for a benchmark credential through a subset of courses within any Associate of Arts or Science degree. Students who earn a General Studies Certificate degree may choose to continue their studies, transfer to another institution, or pursue entry-level employment.

Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will complete coursework in alignment with the general education goals of the college.

  1. Communication is the accurate and appropriate use of verbal and written language to explain, discuss, facilitate, and comprehend the exchange of relevant knowledge, which includes information technology, critical thinking, and information literacy.
  2. Reasoning is the development of a range of approaches for analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving that includes the ability to express informed opinions about artistic works; fluently and accurately use computational methods and mathematical reasoning to solve problems and analyze data; and apply scientific approaches to explain physical phenomena.
  3. Respect for diversity is demonstration of an appreciation of multiculturalism, promotion of a culture of respect for others, and recognition of differing ideas or opinions.
  4. Professionalism is the adherence to principles of ethical behavior and organizational codes of conduct, the exercise of good judgement, and the assumption of personal responsibility for one’s actions and choices.