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Social Sciences Associate Degree

Students learn theories about individuals and groups, the relationships between them, and how human societies function. Upon completion of this degree, students will have developed a multifaceted worldview that gives them a competitive advantage to pursue varied career opportunities or continue their education in social sciences.

Early Childhood Education Associate Degree

Students learn curriculum planning, approaches to learning assessment, and skill-building for communications between teachers, early learners, and families of young children. This program provides students with the ability to guide the social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development of children from birth to eight in a variety of educational settings.

Criminal Justice Associate Degree

Students will gain the knowledge and skills essential to identifying and addressing challenges associated with the criminal justice and corrections system to prepare them for work in correctional environments and other private/public law enforcement arenas.

Liberal Studies Associate Degree

Students establish a strong base of highly sought after skills in communication, reasoning, respect for diversity, and professionalism. By improving their self-awareness, intellectual insight, and ability to consider issues from multiple points of view, students are well-prepared for career opportunities in a wide variety of settings.

Business Administration Associate Degree

Students will acquire foundational knowledge of business models, ethical reasoning, and effective performance in a team environment through the application of organizational theories and concepts.